[SOLVED] Cleaning platters

Hello, I experience some problems with the left platter. When I use the platter by acting on the upper surface, the track is still moving slowly (as when I touch the platter on the side).

This is not always happening: sometimes the platter is working properly, sometimes not (and I was not able to debug the issue).

I’ve seen in other topics the problem can be related to dirt of the platter capacitative surface. So question is: how do you safey clean the upper surface of the platters?

Thank you

Many cosmetics for electronics or for plastic/metal surfaces do the job. Be sure to not spray over the device, but on a cleaning cloth, as You don’t want the liquid/foam go in to Your device. Screen cleaning wipes also work good.

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Ok, thanks! Bye Antonio

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The platters are capacitive in nature, so sometimes this issue can be related to grounding. One way to discover whether or not you have grounding issues in the room that you’re playing in is to put your opposing hand on the metal chassis and then touch the platter in question and see if it works properly. If this works then you have an issue with grounding in the room.

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That’s really interesting, I’ll try when it will happen again. Thanks!

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