[SOLUTION IN PROGRESS] Microphone Cutting Out

When I use a wireless microphone through the mic 1 or mic 2 inputs of my Prime 4, I get drop outs continually through an announcement, unfortunately even during one of my wedding ceremonies. For example: “Hello, than_ _ou all for __oming today. We ___ gathered here __ celebrate the ___aige of Bill and ___amantha.” The blank spots are drop outs, sometimes worse or better, without changing anything. It might seem to happen more at the end of a sentence to the beginning of the next, after a slight pause. Other times mid-sentence. It will do this standing next to the receiver, and standing 50 feet away - exactly the same. Now the only reason I am posting this here is I noticed it the first time I used the Prime 4 during a wedding. Thought it was the wireless mic, bought a new $1000 mic - thought it was just time and the mic was bad - but next wedding, same thing. Yesterday, it happened again. Brought a third wireless microphone system - same thing. Same results. Tried different channels, different groups, cables, levels on the mic and the board, frequencies, etc. Each time it was on a mic stand, not being held. Sometimes it would work better being held, like for toasts. Wired microphones work flawlessly. I almost did the ceremony without a mic, it was that bad and I was out of options. Until… I used a separate mic mixing board - ran the wireless mic to that with the XLR, then ran the mic board to line 4 via 1/4"/RCA cable. Worked. Perfectly. Plug and play. From word one to the end of the night. I don’t know if there is something I’m missing. When using the normal mic 1/mic 2 inputs, It seems to drop out when the mouth is too far from the mic, like the board might not be picking up a good ‘signal’ so it mutes it - kind of like a reverse talk over? Again, I thought the wireless setup(s) were doing this, but it seems to be the Prime 4’s doing. Does anybody have any suggestions or similar issues? I saw this topic regarding the MC7000 but it was never resolved. They mentioned firmware - I’m still on the original 1.3.1. Was this addressed in the 1.3.2 update?

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The prime 4 has a limiter which can be switched in or out.

If the output stages are high eg high faders, high mic level out, high eq plus etc then the mics could be tripping the limiter, so try checking the limiter is off.

The other thing is, maybe the mic levels are high enough through the stages that the output is clipping, in which case try switching the limiter on, if it’s off.

I unfortunately never got to the bottom of the attenuation issues with the mic channels on my MC7000. Both wired and wireless mics sound like they “clipping” if not held right up to the mouth. Tried different mics, different cables, different settings. Simply unusable in a wedding environment. Sadly I replaced it with a DDJ-1000, which is inferior in almost every way (except for the mic channels). Now the MC7000 just sits in it’s case waiting for a solution. I really wish Denon could get it sorted out. I love the controller.

BoardwalkPBCo - Seems unacceptable to me - to spend that much money on a set up to have it ‘simply unusable in a wedding environment’. That’s what this Prime 4 seems right now, at least with a microphone in the microphone spot. Crazy. Jetsound - where is the limiter? I didn’t see it in the settings menu - just attenuation levels, which are at 75% on the ‘progress bar’ by default (I forgot what the actual numbers were). They have one level for mic 1 and one for mic 2. Or is there a physical switch? (I’m not near it right now). Thanks for your help!

I had the same exact problem just this past weekend during a wedding. During the ceremony, the mics were put through a separate Yamaha soundboard with not one single issue at any distance within range. During the reception, mics were put through the Prime4 and became almost completely unusable. Perhaps I’m just missing something or making a really dumb mistake. If so, I’d welcome help or suggestions from anyone!

I don’t do many weddings, but this one was for a family member. The mic failure through the Prime4 was disappointing, especially when I was bragging to others about this awesome new piece of equipment I recently got.

It doesn’t seem to be an update issue, since I’m running current version 1.3.2. It’s not enough to make me want to return the unit or totally regret buying it, but frankly the terribly clunky Engine program and now the mic problem have both been a bit of a buzzkill.

I’m hopeful these issues will be resolved by Denon in the future, although I am bit concerned when I see other people mention the same issue remains unresolved in other models. As an impatient DJ, I’d love to see more frequent updates, but as a realistic consumer I completely understand the amount of time and work that goes into the updates. I’d definitely rather see quality over quantity.

But I must admit, I would love to see a complete overhaul of the Engine program ASAP so the existing version can be quickly put out of it’s misery :smile:

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Very strange! I have been using the MC7000 for 2 wedding seasons, over 50 weddings with zero issues. I use both mics depending on the application. I am using the Shure BLX4R-H9 systems which have been incredibly reliable for me.

What make and model wireless mic are you using?

Hey Guys, sorry to hear of this issue!

To confirm, we haven’t made any changes to the microphones since initial release.

From your description, it sounds like the microphone gate may not be detecting a high enough signal and closing to prevent unwanted signal getting through when not speaking directly into the mic.

Are you using any inline attenuators?

Does the problem persist if you increase the output gain on your mic system?

What brand and model mic are you using?

Half this topic is about the mc7000 , but is in the prime 4 section

The original post and topic, regarding the Prime 4, ends up referring back to the only known thread with the exact two same components - a wireless microphone and a Denon controller. The MC7000 post was so spot on it was copied and referred to. Apples and apples.

DJDoubleK - Thanks for your input - kind of glad it’s not just me. I just hope I’m not doing or missing something, too.

@JWiLL - I agree with the microphone gate signal. I didn’t know there was such a thing or how it works, but that sounds extremely accurate. I personally am not using any inline attenuators. In the Prime 4 settings, I believe the line attenuation is at +3% on both mic inputs, I think it’s the default setting. I haven’t altered it.

I was using a couple different models of Shure. I, also, used the BLX’s, and PGX4’s, with SM58 handhelds originally, thought that was the problem, then upgraded and I’m currently using Shure QLXD24 with a SM58 handheld. I haven’t tried a lavalier mic yet with the P4. Again, a wired SM58 mic works flawlessly from the booth.

The QLXD was the only system I tried (or could?) adjust the output gain on. I went everywhere from -4 to +20 with the same issues. Without changing the gain or anything, it worked perfectly when changing the setup on the fly and going into the Prime 4 as a line 4 input, from a Rane microphone mixer.

Hopefully that info can help somehow.

Yeah, it seems they dug up an older post from a similar problem I had with my MC7000. Maybe we’ll get it sorted out, regardless of the model. I had my MC7000 for awhile before the issue started to occur. I lost trust and ended up in the Pioneer camp (and I didn’t/still don’t want to be there). You never know when/if it could happen to you, and when it does, it’s nice to have people talking about it. I got nowhere a year ago, so I’m hoping we’ll draw some attention with others having the same issue.

I use a wireless Sure Beta 58 microphone with a Shure SLX4 receiver and a wired Shure SM58 micorphone. Never an issue with any of my other Denon products (and I have had a ton…huge fan with quite the investment). They both sound just fine on the DDJ-1000. I went about a year on the MC7000 unit before this started to occur. Same mic setup, with the exception of running the Sennheiser Evolution lav mics for ceremonies. The first post of this thread is spot on. That’s how I noticed it…in a toast with the Beta 58. It was like every other word was muted. I can take the wired SM58 and hold it away from my mouth a little to far as well and get the exact same issue, so it’s not related to wireless. When you “emcee” into the mic, it sounds fine, so I’m sure not everyone notices this issue. I’m honestly glad this got resurrected. I’d LOVE for Denon to figure this out, as I love my MC7000 and my DDJ-1000 is “just ok”.

I have now tested with my SM58 microphone and if you have people talking with low voice the gate kicks in and words are lost. And I have not found any settings for this in the Prime 4. It would be nice to set the gate level or turn it off.


Does turning up the gain on the mic output not help with this?

As the post(s) have stated, turning everything up, down, or in the middle doesn’t help. Like the last poster stated, it cuts out when the mic is either too far from the person’s mouth or they talk quietly. Even if a gain was up on the mic level, there would still be a point where the cutout happens - an even quieter person, even further away from the mouth. Instead of being barely audible, or fading out the further away or quieter the person is, it just flat cuts out at a certain level, or gate setting. @JWiLL - can or is this being looked into, have you found anything out? I just don’t want this thread to die like the guys with the MC7000 thread last year.

Hi Guys,

Yes, this is being looked into. It doesn’t happen with all mics so to provide a solution to all, we are looking into adding a Microphone gate threshold setting (slider bar) to the utility menu. I have also recommended this same solution for the MC7000.


I have the same bad experience from last weekend. My first gig with the Prime 4. I´m on a current version 1.3.2. They borrowed a microphone from me for speech and it was awful. It looks like some microphone gate which is active when somebody not speaking directly into the mic or speaking with the low voice then the words are lost.
For me it is absolutely unusable in a wedding or ball ceremonies. I tried different 3 mics but unfortunately with the same result. My current setup is DJM 900nexus and CDJ 2000nexus but I never had problem with mics. I really love Denon Prime 4 but with this issue I will have to return the unit back. Is it possible fix it with new firmware in the future or it’s a hardware issue?

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From denons end the soloution would be to switch off the mic gate when talkover option is switched off, in a future firmware update

In the meantime for those people who have mics affected by this, who have to lend mics out to inexperienced mic users then an adaptor or mic mixer allowing a spare mic to be plugged into the line level inputs on channels 1 to 4 would work around this , as the music channels presumably don’t have low input gates

The problem exists with the industry standard leaded Shure SM58. It is totally unusable as it is. Hope there is a fix soon as I have had this since the day of it’s launch and have still not used it on the road.

A £20 mini mixer like a little Alto would let you connect microphone level sources like corded mics or radio mic receiver outputs to the rca inputs on one of the music input channels.

I know you shouldn’t have to buy an additional bit, and probably you won’t have to in a few firmware releases, but if it’s the difference between leaving the whole thing at home, or taking it out , go for it

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Hi @kuris,

Sorry to hear you had trouble with your microphones on the PRIME 4. I can confirm that we will a controllable preference for the Microphone Gate Threshold in the near future.

Could you tell me which microphone systems you had difficulty with?

Does this system have a controllable attenuation or level? If so, try increasing the level to see if that helps.