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So I am getting a Prime 4 mainly because it is stand alone, but now I see you need to connect it to a pc to sync?

I have some high level questions I looked at all the videos etc.

1 I have music on my pc desktop, I understand I need to connect that to get the music to the internal drive? This is far from convent my office is 2 floors up and the DJ set up is in the basement having my 12 year old carry it around is not good.

2 How do I keep these in sync for example I put hot ques on the prime 4 how do those get reflected on the desktop? Same if I do stuff on the desktop how does it sync with the prime 4?

I wanted a stand alone as my daughter dj’s and this is perfect no laptop to break and has profiles but is becoming complicated. The more I look the more it looks like these features are not thought out or I can’t find documentation.

The thing has wifi it would be nice if it could sync over wifi.

Thanks in advance for any help or insite.

To answer your questions shortly:

  1. Yes, at this time you´ll have to connect your Prime 4, to a computer to transfer music to it, if you are using the internal HD-bay. If you can live with using a external SSD/ HD/ USB drive, you´ll be able to leave your Prime 4 in the basement and just bring the device upstairs (I do understand this is not what you want) Important notice: You can´t transfer music from external drive, to the internal.

  2. Inside Engine Prime, there is 2 options to sync hotcues, loops etc. between the Prime 4 and Engine Prime (in borth direction).

A. Use the Sync-manager which updates the Engine Collection on your PC with data from the P4 and back

B. After a gig, connect the Prime 4/ external device -> go to the Device panel (inside Engine Prime) and press the little round arrow next to the Profil Icon. This brings the new cues, loops etc back to the Engine Collection. If you edit cues, loops etc in the Engine Collection and using this method instead of the Sync Manager, you´ll need to drag/ transfer the updated track on to the Prime 4/ external device again.

I know some other members have asked for some options to access their music via wifi at home - what the process is on this or if it will happen one day, I dont know.

But gigging with the unit, is 100% standalone :slight_smile:

Go with Engels observation of using an external usb drive and you’re good to go.

Thanks I think I will return the internal drive and just go with a usb key or external drive. Not ideal but will work. It’s going to be fun having a slow 60gig usb key in there. Hopefully they will work out some way to sync over network.

I have actually “installed” 1tb internal SSD in a external casing, with my SC5000´s. Works awesome!

I have 4TB ssd installed in casing as well. Works ok with the SC5000 (search is a tiny bit slow, but that’s probably due to the size of the drive, it’s pretty snappy with my 500gb portable SSD)

@programmergeek you don’t have to return the SSD, buy a decent housing from eBay or amazon

Make sure it’s has USB 3.x speed with USB Type A to go into the Prime 4 USB ports.

Then you have a working solution for your situation.

Amazon Link

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