Software not starting


Hi all,

I just downloaded the software and installed it; but it does not start up. I only get the pop-up screen saying Initializing File System, but then it stops. The entry also gets removed from task manager.

Running Windows 10 Pro on i7 MSi laptop.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Engine Prime 1.2.2 Not Working

I am getting the same issue In Windows 10 :’(


I had the same issue after updating from engine prime1.2.1 to engine prime 1.2.2. the Install was corrupted. I would get as far as the pop up to say starting then it would disappear and not actually load.

I had to unistall the software then run Ccleaner which you can get on free 14day trial to clean off all the corrupt install then reinstalled with no issues.

If your updating this could be the same for you, if you have never run engine prime before then I am not sure but sounds like you have corrupt installs.

If you have previously run engine you can back up your library before reinstalling so no work progress like beat grids bpms loops and cues are lost.


I got it solved…

I have two graphic cards in my laptop. (Intel and NVidia)

When I started the program withe the high performance video card option it did start. After I was able to start it this way, it now starts up without video card selection.


well even though my reply was no help I am glad you got it sorted, maybe helpful for others if they have your issue.


Rebel68. I did try you solution/advice but it did not help me personally. Maybe it helped others.


Hi Rebel68,

I have CCleaner as standard on my laptop/PC. Found it to be a handy tool to keep your PC clean. I did uninstall the software using CCleaner and also used the registry clean-up option in CCleaner But this did not made any difference.

In my case it made no difference but maybe it can help others.

Thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Sydes Your solution is probrably going to be of help to others, It would be handy if Denon could do a trouble shooting guide for the software not loading. But like your problem and the one I experienced they are possibly PC specific, Like you having 2 graphic cards installed. For me it was a registry key issue as Ccleaner sorted it


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