Software for stitching mixes together

Can anyone recommend some easy to use software that I can use to stitch together some mix’s I have made?. For instance I have two almost hour long mixes I would like to combine ,but I also would like to put a new three track mix in between the two mixes to make it flow better any suggestions on easy to use software ? preferably one for non tech savvy people thanks

Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase, Reaper etc. basically any DAW should be able to do this easily.


Sounds like you should practice mixing for 2.5 hours straight.



No need to spend money. No need to use a DAW (overkill).


I wouldn’t combine them. Long mixes can cause storage and loading issues. Also it’s far better for the DJ to choose what hour long track would fit in best with each group of event attendees rather than playing a copycat of last weeks two hours

He only said he wants to join them. He didn’t say why.

Might be for his own personal use. Best not to jump to any conclusions.


Thanks I have tried auacity but found it very confusing I’ll try a few others though It’s for personal use I have two old mini disc recordings I want to Join together basically And I cant mix them again Cause I only have one turntable left and even that needs a new styus

A quick online search will provide you with instructions on using Audacity, even specifically for joining tracks.

Load the mix into Serato DJ Pro or Rekordbox DJ or whatever DJ software you use

Hit record (I know its a recording of a recording) :nerd_face:

mix in the 3 new tracks when mix 1 finishes, blend in mix 2

That will be the simplest method, i’m guessing you don’t want to learn how to use a DAW

@PKtheDJ can audacity beat match?

Did he say he wants to beat match? I believe he said “stitch together”.

Anyway, Audacity is a multi-track audio editor, so it wouldn’t be hard to align outgoing and incoming tracks, if he does want to overlap stuff.

Garage Band or Logic if using a Mac.

Better life choices if using a Mac :joy:

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