Software/audio lag on SC5000


Ordered the full Denon setup after the price cut but had to do separate orders, the second (new) SC5000 arrived today.

Updated to 1.2.2 and hooked it up with the other, and noticed that tracks really felt like they were dragging. I switched to the other SC500 and sure enough, my second unit has a noticeable slow down in the software/audio.

I switched to a new USB drive, duplicated different tracks, changed the setup order, and everything I could think of but the issue has stuck with me. Playing the same song on my other SC5000 has proper playback without any such slowdown, and what’s even more interesting is that using sync still causes the slow SC5000 to remain sluggish.

I’ve opened a support ticket but understand that due to the weekend those take until Monday to start to get looked at, does anyone have any other ideas of things I could try - I’ve searched the forums and Google but couldn’t find anything that matches this.

To reiterate this is a new unit just delivered today, the issue has been there since setup - all lights, buttons, and the like are functional. Any extra advise would be appreciated, I’ll understand if waiting for the ticket is my only answer at this time (though I really wanted to get to mixing)


Mine did this too

Til I took the plastic films off the platters. My guess was that the platters thought the plastic film was my fingers and was slowing down the playback like it would if I was tapping my fingers rapidly on the platter top

I took the films off and it was all good

Bad earth or no earth buggers up the platters too


Thanks for the suggestion, I did in fact still have the plastic film on the jog wheel but removing that + changing my setup around has not resolved the issue.

I have a gig coming up and took advantage of the return policy from my place of purchase rather than wait and potentially be left without a second unit (even though layers could get me through).

I still had/have one more day to hear back from Support (it’s been 48hrs) but didn’t want to wait and risk it - I’ll be really eager for that new deck to arrive so I can start playing around though.


Hi @jax2,

Ya, this sounds like the platter is registering some unwanted message that’s affecting the speed. Plastic and/or bad ground are the common reasons for this as @Jetsound mentions.

I didn’t see an email from you in our system. I’ll have one of our agents reach out to you anyway so you’ll have a contact to work with if you need help with the replacement from your retailer.


So those plastic films Denon…maybe it’s not every unit, but when I unboxed mine, it was 100% obvious and made clear (no pun intended) that the screen was covered/protected by a plastic film (pretty standard anyway for new products), but there was zero indication that the platter had any sort of plastic film. I’ll spare you the personal details, but attempting to use this new, beautiful creature but then have the platter respond so poorly was brain crusher (first world problem, yes). I even used my finger nail to check to see if there was a film on the platter or if maybe one of those screws needed to be unlocked or if there was a calibration thing I missed in the settings. Anyway, after doing a few searches I found a user comment regarding the film, but taking it off really felt like I might be breaking something.

Obviously I survived this experience intact, but out of all the things to have been frustrated with, I wasn’t expecting that. Having survived said experience, I fracking LOVE my single Denon + mixer + turntables setup. I just hope this isn’t everyone’s first experience. (PS. maybe Denon could slip a little note in new units, just for user sanity?)


Thanks Corey I received and responded via email :slight_smile:

My platters did have a red pull tab/ indicator for the plastic, and I would agree that something seems to be keeping them slightly pressed down or the like even after the plastics removal.

I’ll be eagerly waiting for my new unit so I can be back to full kit status again, if anything comes up I’ll be sure to reach out!


Maybe Denon will turn on the secret theremin hidden inside which is triggered using the platters?


Amazing how the foil with transparent label on the screen was obvious to remove (which I still have left on btw), but on the platter with the blue foil and red label not…


I stuck the foil on a mirror and took a photo of if somewhere as a reminder to myself (or something), but unlike a lot of protective coverings, it is actually invisible (or it seemed to be). Well made product at least.


Ehh is it? See my photo when I got them in summer 2017.

Tell me, which foil would you take of this unit?


So mine did have the red tag BUT your photo triggered my memory just now: I did see a red tag but it was like a piece of tape stuck onto the platter and when I removed it the film didn’t come with it. THIS may be the reason some users report this issues and others don’t (ie. the tape doesn’t always unstick the film). Oh, and I just found this photo of the day I unboxed it (its a little more clear how the red thing is seperate from what turned out to be the film on the platter:


Perhaps coincidental difference if logo is chrome or white?! :woozy_face::joy: