So quit.. lets ask a question!

Since we are all waiting here… I saw a lbl clip where suposedly the denons got “soaking wet”, now there is this english store talkthrough guy wetting the screens with some drops drippin on and off the screen. And i was thinking, how, how much can they take? Are the whole top & buttons sort of waterproof or only the screen?

I think it’s fair to say that with the unpredictability of rain, pool water, tidal waves, alcohol trajectory etc, its best to try to keep them dry, but don’t get frantically frantic about the odd drop or two of PH neutral liquid. :sweat_drops:

So also the buttons are kind of waterproof? And off course, if they would be actually waterproof that would be on the news. I smell mk2. With a watercooled processor. :wink:

Tidal wave proof would provide some killer marketing though. Could we add this to the feature request list?

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