So... Another week has gone

…without any information on the SC5000 update issues. Could we please get something?

Its 14 days ago you launched a update that didnt have the basic things we were told it would have, and which had a error in the cue-point functionality.

Please just give us some information about whats going on…

Yes please give all the information out as I’m know forsure that other equipment makers all want to know.

These are great media players already - what some people argue as being basic essential features may not ever be used by many others

This latest update of a week ago has been slower gap than previous firmwares updates as the player gets more and more refined

It was these bigger gaps of firmwares that I was waiting for and holding off buying the players for. When firmwares come out quickly it often because of errors and fixes. Last weeks formwares was huge with many many features and will keep us going for months and probably even the whole life of the player as it is now.


Unfortunatly Denon is nothing but long waits for information and updates. So guess it will fit you perfectly. I know the hardware is good damn near perfect - but we have already been waiting months (close to a year) for the 1.2 update… and I for one dont hope we’ll have to wait the same amount of time again for the HotCue fix…and the adjustable beatgrid


Look Ma! it’s a talking calendar.

The update took a while but the updates are still more frequent and useful from DenonDJ than pioneer… it seems they just release a new model number to buy instead of new firmware. I hope Denon never go down that track , although, if Denon charged for each firmware update it might help people refrain from asking for new firmware each week.

The update from two weeks ago was also HUGE both in terms of what it offered AND in simply how many things it gave everyone. That many new features would certainly have been a whole new 4 figure price tag machine from pioneer. The update was benefit after benefit after benefit, with the change of cue behaviour being the only hiccup

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Dont be this guy. Yes the update did fox lots of things, but it also didnt fix lots of other things. And it is really quite on the denon side. So when things will get fixed ‘soon’? And i totally agree with u on the pioneer just releasing a New faulty overprised cdj every month. But thats why i choose denon. Doesnt mean i and others can not be disappoited when things take way longer than expected or prospected. And if i want to ask or nag about things, this forum would be the designated space to do so. But it seems like u May only blow the horn about how great things are or will be one Day.

The simpele fact that u still cant export history lists back to the laptop or basic library managing tools like find lost tracks is just annoying after one year.

Maybe its just me but the way this product was announced and launched, one would expect more. But it seems we are still in the lunch and release fase.

Luckaly the problems i run into are mostly software and firmware. The hardware is so amazing i take all faulty stuff for granted. For now. But i would be so happy if those stuff would get fixed rather sooner or later.

And yes, i noticed a lot of little fixes under the hoofd and am gratefull for it. But when Paul says they gonna bugfix that little bug and two weeks after we still waiting… What do u suggest would be soon or in a while? Talk to you soon.


Honestly S_Anderson, I hate to be the person contantly yelling for communication… but one has to do it. They almost only react when you tag one of them in a post.

But I spend $6500 on a Prime Setup and I do expect more focus on such a pricey setup.

I came from the MCX8000 where we had absolute no updates in 1.5 years… And I would hate to see the same happening here.

I LOVE my Prime setup - absolutely adore it! But like another person said, its kinda like buying a car, and being told you’ll get your steeringwheel in 6 month and your radio in 1 year.

The bugfix with the hotcues should have been done already and the adjustable beatgrid should also have been done. Those are the only 2 issues I have… the rest is wishes for a far far future.


I’m not gonna jump in with a “Right there man! You’ve proved my point!”

You mentioned that you still can’t export a history list back to a laptop. So, that’s your hot potato , that’s something that you’re waiting for. It’s not written up on the description of the SC5000 or Engine Prime that either of them would ever offer the option to do that thing that you want. I can see it being a feature that two guys talking about the Primes and Engine Prime before it’s release would say “has it got that?” And the other saying “dunno , oh it’s just gotta have it - I’ll buy it anyway without checking even though it’s not mentioned anywhere”

However for you, that’s a “basic” feature that you feel this, and lots of other things, “should” have.

Other people haven’t asked for your basic feature, they’ve asked for their basic feature, a different basic feature.

And I think a lot of people have done that, especially with beat grids. It does say beatgrids on the sales blurb but it doesn’t say the beatgrids are movable, metronom-able, warping, morphing or anything else for that matter, it just says it’s got beatgrids, and it has. What people think some can do with a beatgrid is just their “take” on that feature too.

It’s not wrong to want It’s not wrong to request It’s not wrong to wish for

But some people expect Some people loose the big dividing chasm between a want and a demand

It’s like when some girl comes up to the booth and REQUESTS a particular song but later comes back and shouts in your face and. chicks her drink over you and your mixer coz you haven’t played her REQUEST yet.

Or it’s like me buying a car with an advertised miles per gallon of 40mpg then yelling at the garage a year later demanding an engine management system update coz I think that by now they should have been able to get 70mpg out of it somehow just coz its new and I paid x thousand for it and coz some other cars advertise 70mpg

I’ve put in my request (I wanted the Engine Prime 100,000 track limit per library to be increased) but I’m not saying that I want it done by 10 days time or posting pictures of an egg timer to show that I’ve been waiting x (or should that be eggs) minutes already for MY BASIC THING to be added NOW. I’ve made the request, I’ve said my bit, if the library size gets increased at some point in the future then that’s nice. But I won’t be packing the units up and off to my stockist if I don’t get gold telegrams every week and a Times Square countdown on when it’s gonna be ready.

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No ones waiting for the steering wheel for their new car though. At most, acouple of people are hoping for some free fluffy dice and some stick-on decals.

Did ranting speed up new mcx 8000 firmware ? Judging by threads from others in the last day or two, it didn’t make a difference. If the pace is the same whether lots of negativity is thrown back and forth, on deaf ears or not, there’s no point. no point at all

But the point is that a top of the range product like this should be released with on-board and supporting software which is 99.9 per cent functional.

It’s almost as though this whole Prime release has been a huge beta test, and the support for the MCX8000 has been no better.

People don’t buy technology for it to be fully functional in one or two years, it should work fully out of the box. Yes, there can be omissions and bugs but these should be quashed in weeks from release, not over a year later.

The whole selling support of Prime is that is is a computer that can be programmed to suit … so really for that money it should have every conceivable option on board and if you don’t want certain functionality, then don’t use it.

As someone who has used VDJ extensively for over 10 years, this is what Denon’s support should be like. Prime players should have VDJ capability but built in to the machines. Yes, there are minor things missing but legitimate improvement requests and bugs are sorted quickly and correctly.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. denon have great hardware but the software side of thigs is shocking. Development takes far far too long and releasing new bugs in to supposedly beta rtested software is inexcusable for a professional company.

I know we all have differing expectations, but in the case of Prime for that price it should be pretty much perfect either on release or very shortly afterwards. This cue bug should have been sorted and a new firmware released within 48 hours.


Ah the everlasting light bulb idea :bulb:

The last light bulb that anyone ever has to buy ever… and the light bulb factory closes due to no repeat business.

There’d then never be an SC5001,or 5002 or5003 etc because the first one had every conceivable option on board.

This comes up in car ehtusiast forums lots too about how Dunlop probably could make an everlasting tyre that never wears out. With the problem then being that Kwikfit autocentres would close down due to no business once everyone bought the everlasting tyre.

I’ll join you on the middle-ground if you like. I’m sure there is some. :drooling_face:

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Ok… so if you get a flat tire (hotcue bug) - would you then accept/ be ok with that you would have to drive around with the Emergency mini tire for a month or 2, while your local tire dealer waited for a new tire for your car? Or would you expect the tire dealer to solve the issue asap?

You speak of a different situation.

There’s the I want loads of free features that no-one said would be there when I bought it

And there’s the hot cue bug that’s snuck in with the firmware.

The hot cue bug should be fixed as soon as possible. But while everyone can make guesses about how soon, or distant, “asap” could, should l, would or will mean, that’s just it - they’re all guesses.

And therefor—some kind of communication about the progress related to the Hotcue issue would be awesome. That´s all I ask for with this post.

Most recent update brought one major basic functionality to me. I’d say akin to getting my steering wheel 6 months after I got a car. I was finally able to use my external HD formatted in HFS as my library source in Engine Prime. Prior to this update it won’t read it.

Better Beat Grid functionality is another major priority I’m hoping for now. I will compare it to having SatNav, whereas as it is now, it’s old school paper maps. Not that I can’t use paper maps but I definitely have to park and read it.

I’m not a house DJ. I play everything and having to use mundane workarounds eg writing the correct BPM in track title to know the correct BPM of many of my tracks is not efficient. I also have to use another software to analyse and get the bpm.

All software’s have limitations in terms BPM detection/calculation but I think Engine Prime is bottom of the list. To think they had VDJ, Rekordboxdj, Serato DJ pave the way on beatgrid functionality, I would have expected them to look at the competition and even make it better.

You know what will be a easy fix, they should implement a way that users can shift grids/expand/shrink grids to correct the bpm but we don’t have that yet only tap

I’m happy with the SC5000 players but Engine Prime Librarian Software still has a very long way to go.

I don’t gig out with the SC5000 players, they are my studio decks and I can understand the frustration of people who use them regularly and feel “it’s not there yet”

For me everything else they add after improving the Beat Grid editing capabilities is a bonus feature akin to getting an update where the Sat nav informs you of Gas Stations along my route, I may need gas but most likely I always start my journey with enough gas to get me to and fro.

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But it’s H O W it’s asked for is the humanity and courtesy part.

Standing there with virtual hands on virtual hips, virtually sneering Ewwwwwrrr it’s been a week now it has , is kinda kindergarten.

It actually was 2 weeks after the update I made the post. And 1 week after any form for communication from Denon. I dont think its kinda kindergarten… I paid $6500 for a elite setup - not for being a testperson.


I have to say Engell is absolutely right. I too bought the full prime setup and although I absolutely love them, at the moment I wouldn’t feel comfortable preforming with my own gear at an event where my reputation is on the line so I can relate to the frustration. I think thats a perspective that many people including Denon are overlooking. Again this is a superior product that preforms great and has huge potential …but even if the system has minor ( enter fault here ) problems, that is not what we invested in and for $5k +++ that is not what we deserve. You cant say this is a club standard competitor and still have stability issues. So just to make my reply more relevant to the topic, smaller incremental updates specifically tailored to stability related issues MUST take priority if Denon ever wants to truly become the new club standard. As a fellow " testperson" my fingers are crossed, I really really really want to used and show off my own beautiful gear over the current club standard and not have to worry about a single glitch.


Thx @Kade I know I often speak “my mind”… but startet with the MCX8000 (startet djing on thr Denon equipment back im the 90s and have always prefered them over Pioneer) and experienced all the issues and the non-communication from Denon which got me p××××× off. Then a supporter from Denon recommended me to give my MCX8000 away to a dj-school since the Cue button was broke for the 2. time and invest in the Prime Setup instead. He would give me a pair of headphones if I did. Well i ended up selling my mcx8000 for 1/4 the original price and investing in the Prime setup and yes it is better, but they (Denon) needs to work on their communication-skills since they run a professional business. Even Apple make more updates and have a better communication-strategy. (I do know its a bigger company) But I didnt buy the Prime setup to lower my skills - I did it to improve. And by “improve”, I dont mean learn different workarounds once a year when Denon decides to make a update. So yes I’m irritatet! :slight_smile:and I did not get my headphones! :slight_smile:

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