Smart Library Management

I currently use Serato and Smart Crates to ensure my music is sorted into crates by genre and BPM. I understand EP does not have this functionality at the moment and cannot import smart crates. Is there a good workaround for this? I guess I could export smart crates to normal crates and import to EP? IF I then hit update library in EP, will this “copy” any new files in Serato crates into EP crates? Or do I need to do this manually?


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Click on Filters icon on bottom right of the application. There are a bunch of options there BPM, genre etc just be sure to highlight the correct Collection or Crate/Playlist so it filters the correct tracks. Then create your crate/playlist and use cmd/Ctrl + a to select filtered tracks and drag into crate/playlist.

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Thanks, this is quite a cool feature on its own - different from smart crates which is automatically organising newly imported tracks into the relevant crate. The filter would be more useful for finding tracks that mix well out of the current one on the fly. I guess it could be used to import new tracks but there does not appear to be a date added column?

also, if i save a new track to a serato crate, if I click refresh library in EP, will that sync the contents of the EP crate to the respective Serato crate?