Slow searching - possible cause

Like many I’ve been having issues with really slow searching. I cut my library down to about 20000 tracks and it was still happening MOST of the time. I did notice this though that seems to improve it massively. If the track list says UPDATING, wait until it has finished and then search. When I did this, the searches were pretty much instant. I’ve noticed that sometimes when you go back to the track view it says Updating and sometimes not. If you try and search whilst it is updating the list, the search can take 8-9 seconds.
Denon, if this is the cause, why does the list need to be updated so frequently?


Same here on my SC6000Ms.

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If Denon could stop that constant ‘updating’ on the list, the search would be pretty good.

I’ve been wondering whether that pulsing “updating” message has perhaps got “lost in translation” and should actually say “Searching”. Getting it suffixed to say “Searching 55%” (60%, 70% etc ) during the search would make it seem faster, in a placebo-like way.

It’s not actually ‘searching’ at that time though, it’s just showing the list of tracks on the screen again, in the playlist or folder that’s selected

So perhaps it’s “updating a long list of search results”.

In which case an ascending total of “updating 58/1036 matches” might be needed

I’ll have to check when I get home, but I think it’s just repopulating the list, not of search results, just the list of tracks in the crate / playlist / collection

This is a fairly large problem, considering. Why are the likes of Virtual DJ, Serato etc able to almost instantly react to input on the search bar, and the internal solid state drive in a Prime 4 cannot respond as fast? I have a lot of music on there, but its only the same music that was on my HDD in my laptop previously. I have two 256gb USB 3.1s as well, which do search incredibly quickly, i just cant fathom why an SSD in a Prime should be way, way slower than a HDD in a laptop?

No hate by the way, i love my Prime and have had zero issues with the update, i was just hoping this would get resolved.

Cpu, RAM, database indexing,…who knows what else,…and then HDD/SSD.

I think everyone with 30+k file libraries made a mistake replacing DJ software with standalone, you got blinded with G.A.S.

G.A.S is real :sweat_smile:

Me like shiny stuff

The search function on the prime series is awful. I cut my library down from 80k to 32k ish - per the - manual and the search function still takes around 10 seconds. Things like this exist because the Denon team does not completely test their products, or they don’t care.

Their aim is for “DJs to have a few hundred tracks pre-prepared for your sets”. They can’t comprehend that people use their products at open format gigs and for weddings, where you need a plethora of music.

Okay, thats fair, what are the specs in the P4? CPU, RAM etc? Theyre pretty good as far as i know, certainly not poor enough to induce that amount of difference. The database indexing is the issue for me and one that should be possible to fix? Am i wrong here?