Slow load and play time

Bonjour, Depuis la mise à jour du software (1.3.4) j’ai des bug de chargement et de lecture. La latence de chargement est bcp plus grande (voir bloquée par moment). Lors de la lecture d’un nouveau morceau on entend le titre d’avant puis ca se mélange et au bout de quelques sacades le titre se lit normalement. Merci de me dire si vous avez une solution. j

[TRANSLATION] Hello, Since the software update (1.3.4) I have bug loading and reading. The loading latency is much higher (see blocked at times). When playing a new song, you hear the title from the front then it mixes up and after a few days the title reads normally. Please tell me if you have a solution. j

Bonsoir, Quelle est ta source ? Clé usb, ssd… ?

Je corrige :slight_smile:

Hello, since the software update (1.3.4) I have loading and reading bugs. The loading time is much longer (even stuck sometimes). When I play a new song, I sometimes hear a jerky title from the previous track, and the problem may disappear. Please tell me if you have a solution.

Hi @OnEEaR Welcome to the forum. We’ll be happy to work with you to troubleshoot your problem.

First, could you please tell us your computer specs and operating system info?

Can you confirm the previous version is working normally on your machine?

I’ve updated this title to better reflect the conversation. I’ve also moved to Engine Prime software area.