Slicer - pre-setting / sequencing

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? I want to suggest an option to pre-set slicer loop setting on the track for Prime series via Engine Prime or to set it up on the device and save that setting. Once the player enters the “Slicer loop zone” it will activate Slicer mode

And if possible to be able to pre-program the slicer sequence.

  • How will this feature help you and others? Improve the workflow during performance by automating the Slicer loop mode.

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? No, but simillar to serato flip

  • Does a workaround currently exist? No

  • How often would you use this feature? Very often

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? Option to pre-program jumps on Cue’s / Slices on a stand alone device would be a revolutionary option.