Since 2.0 all my tracks are "duplicated"

Unfortunately, I was “busy” with Covid for some time and could only now update to 2.02 (from 1.63). In doing so, I have noticed something that puzzles me and although I have already searched the forum (and found similar questions), I still don’t have a clear answer to this problem (I don’t even know if it is a problem at all):

The following constellation:

I use an SC6000 with an integrated hard disk (drive K).

All my music is stored exclusively on this hard drive.

When I want to work on my library, I put the SC6000 into computer mode (this gives the computer access to this drive) and start Engine DJ on the computer.

Since the 2.0 update, I now see all my songs duplicated under “Collection”. The “Drive” column shows that each song is once on drive C and once on drive K. However, the physical location is always exclusively drive K (as it should be).

For me, since 2.0, it now looks like I have a complete database on C (physical location drive K!) and then another complete database on K (physical location also drive K!). Actually, I only want the latter, i.e. storage location and database on K (in the SC6000). Under 1.6.3 the structure (one database on C, one on K) was already like this, but every track was only displayed once.

How do I get rid of all the duplicate stuff on C and can I even get rid of it at all? Is this a bug or a feature?

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After struggling for days, I have now found this forum post that explains my problem perfectly (annoying that I didn’t find it right at the beginning):

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