Simple power generator vs Prime


Maybe someone had any experience with small, single phase power generators and dj equipment? I need to dj on a Dutch Carnival mobile stage, where dj equipment will have power from a small (max 3000W) generator. I know the power is not stable there, so I want to prepare my self to secure my Prime setup from any power fluctuations that can occur. Is a simple computer APC backup-ups a valid protection here? Or should I go further? What’s Your experience with unstable power supply?

I used my SC5000/ X1800 setup on the back of a truck last year, during a Student-celebration, for 13 hours straight driving around with some minor stops on the way. There was no problems at all.

We had no back-up ups or anything… During 2 of the stops I turned off the system, before turning off the generator, to make sure there was enough fuel on it.

Beside of that, it rocked all the way!

If your ups is able to provide the necessary backup power and has a good voltage stabilizer, you will be on the safe side.

An APC Smart-UPS should filter the fluctuations indeed. Boost or cap when needed.

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I was thinking about the APC unit with at least 500wat output.

Should be okay. I used to have a 1000VA for my server. More than enough.

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Check here