Signal out booster

Does anyone know if there is an output signal line booster to generate more power in the signal feeds

I am struggling with my gains right up and volume at maximum and the system is distorting but if I back off the volumes and games it is very hard to hear when broadcasting

So I am looking for a booster between the mixer and laptop to give me a little bit more gain so broadcasting levels are improved with the Masters lower

Of course things will distort if you push levels past where they’re supposed to be. Use autogain in VDJ and you shouldn’t need to mess with gain on the controller at all.

What’s your audio config in VDJ? Have you followed the VDJ setup guide for recording?

What is zerodb set to in VDJ config?

Where are you broadcasting to? What are you using to do so?

The connection from MC6000MK2 to PC is USB, so you can’t fit a booster in between. The audio data over USB is digital - assuming you’re not using a standard analogue cable to feed to MC6000MK2 master out to the PC audio input.

The Equipment that I have Denon MC 6000Mk2 IMac runing big suf Virtual DJ 2021 Trying to broadcast on the Internet

The problem that I am have I have set the Denon mixer up to the maximum without distortion but it is too quiet on the Mic and music out put Is there a way that I could put a little booster on the output lines on the mixer just to give it a boost if so please can you recommend something

The mixer has just come back from a full service clean bill of health We have this problem on a couple of set ups it seems to be a software issue

And would a Audio interface work with a phantom power supply with a condenser microphone

Sorry but you’ll need to be just a tad more specific. Where “on the internet” are you broadcasting to? And please don’t just say “a web site”.

Can you please also answer (accurately) the other questions I asked.

Apologies I’m not very good at this sort of thing struggling dyslexia

Audio setup Output - Speakers and headphones Hardware - dennen DN – MC6000mk2 Inputs - microphone and line output

Output Master - MC 6000mk2 Channel 1 and 2 Headphones – MC 6000mk2 channel 3 and 4

Inputs Line 1 - MC 6000mk2 channel 1 and 2 line2 - MC 6000mk2 Channel 3 and 4 Mic -MC 6000mk2 Channel 3 and 4 Record - MC 6000mk2 Channel 1 and 2

Have you followed the VDJ setup guide for recording? I have tried but I’m willing to go through step-by-step again

What is zerodb set to in VDJ config? Cannot find this in Virtual DJ Where are you broadcasting to? Not quite sure on this one It is set up in the UK breezer soul Internet radio are you after the server URL: ? What are you using to do so? Used butts and virtual DJ without luck Would there be a possible a way of one-to-one contact please Thank you for your help