Show your home DJ booth


soooooo cool mate

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New appartment in paris, mean new set up :smile:



Also very nice!



i don’t see any monitoring mate ? you work just with the headphone ?

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It’s a cramped space. I mostly sit behind the computer screens with the black Mordaunt-Short MS902 speakers left and right plus a sub on the floor of the same brand.

If I do a mix session, most of the time it’s when the kids are sleeping… So yes, most of the time it will be the DT770 Pro…

I don’t like the sound of KRK’s or other cheap monitors, so for me to invest in DynAudio or Neumann for those few sessions, is a waste of money. Not to mention the overall WAF factor. :wink:



100 agree with this ! i freaking love my Dynaudio BM12A ! Next step maybe for me is a pair of Opal Event but sooo expensive

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how do you like the sc5000?



No Denon DJ anymore. Was looking to get the sc5000s but now thinking maybe the prime4.

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What style of music do you dj?



and how do you like the sound of the analog mixer? What are you miss without the x1800?



That’s a digital mixer and the best-measuring DJ mixer on the planet. It’s the same mixer in Kevin’s first post.

I mix many different styles of music. I don’t scratch much and prefer longer blends, though it’s not that hard to mix pretty quick with knobs. I’m always fiddling with the gain/trims on fader mixers, anyway.

I do not miss the short, loose faders on the X1800 or its slightly grainy, dark, spatially closed-in sound that just compounds the SC Prime players’ sound. I’ve certainly heard worse-sounding mixers and it’s at least cohesive-sounding and doesn’t have glare. I miss effects in general and beat-synced effects like various types of echoes and delays, but I’ve also got a DB4 and use it in rotary mode. Right now I need to open it up and repair something on it, though. Noise on one of the XLRs that needs to be grounded. That thing has so much on it I find myself getting lost and distracted at times in effects away from my mixing. At minimum, I think filters are what I need, and the MP2015’s are my favorite. They sound like the PPD 9000 filters but have bypass on their ends of range and are easier to use than the Numark. I do wish the SC Primes had echo and reverse echo on them. The latter is actually not possible on a mixer, anyway.

I also have Xone 4D and Mackie D4, and the SC Prime players for some reason sound better through those right now to my ear, which is why I think there might be something wrong with the SPDIF outs on the new Denons. The old Denons and the Pioneers sound phenomenally crisp and clear connected digitally to good digital mixers, and I know they are very conservative processing at zero pitch or with keylock off. You feel like you’re missing transparency to the original music on analog mixers with them, I find. The SC Primes are aggressive and degrading in their overall processing quality already, especially using their digital outputs. It might just be some subtle distortion already there that analog mixers are covering up and good digital mixers are accurately relaying that I’m hearing. Hard to tell.

I don’t own an analog rotary mixer, though, so I mostly use the MP2015 and DB4 with the SC Primes. With the MP2015, I can have all five connected to it at the same time. I don’t actually need that many. I would be content with a three channel rotary, but it does afford the ability to check all the units at once to see how reliable they are for when I start taking them out to gigs, which I have not yet done.

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Changed my setup at home today…

Now I made a frame on the table, around my flightcasen so I easely can unplug it before a gig, and reconnect back home for the prepping and the web-radioshow I do once a week.

Webcam over the equipment for the chatroom at the webradio.

Monitors = Rockit5



Mine is coming … as soon as my Prime 4 is in!

But to keep you busy til then, here is a shot of my FIRST setup (no Denon then, sorry). I am guessing '78, maybe '79.



Good job man! Looks good with the frame around…

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Do you DJ with it set up like that near the corner, or is that just how it’s set up when not in use?



This is how it is at home, also when its in use. I’ll put up some soundproofing on the walls later on.



It’d sound better if you angle it when in use so that either you’re facing directly at the corner or, better yet, your back is in the corner. Better stereo imaging and bass. I realize wife-factor, though, when it’s not in use.



Actually the Rokits have front facing bass ports, so they are not a picky as some other speakers when facing a wall behind them. I am curious as to the kind of “sound proofing” that is being planned. What the current concerns are.



No room for that :slightly_smiling_face: But I Agree it would be better. !

(No wife-factor, but a neighbour-factor on the other side of the Wall)