Show your home DJ booth


soooooo cool mate


New appartment in paris, mean new set up :smile:


Also very nice!


i don’t see any monitoring mate ? you work just with the headphone ?


It’s a cramped space. I mostly sit behind the computer screens with the black Mordaunt-Short MS902 speakers left and right plus a sub on the floor of the same brand.

If I do a mix session, most of the time it’s when the kids are sleeping… So yes, most of the time it will be the DT770 Pro…

I don’t like the sound of KRK’s or other cheap monitors, so for me to invest in DynAudio or Neumann for those few sessions, is a waste of money. Not to mention the overall WAF factor. :wink:


100 agree with this ! i freaking love my Dynaudio BM12A ! Next step maybe for me is a pair of Opal Event but sooo expensive


how do you like the sc5000?


No Denon DJ anymore. Was looking to get the sc5000s but now thinking maybe the prime4.