Show your home DJ booth


Back when I had the Pioneer CDJ 900 and the DJM 700. Used that with an SL3 and Serato Scratch Live

Got rid of the CDJs, DJM and SL3

Rane 62 and Stanton ST150

Added the DDJSX

Got the DJM-S9 (best mixer I have ever used)

The got the MCX 8000 and sold the SX

I have Wego3 for track prep work and waiting for the 6000MKII (as a back up pro solution and perhaps for smaller gigs)

I think I’m done buying gear at this point.

Except for a MKII MCX 8000 that supports video djing :grin:


Here is my set up. Playback is facilitated by a desktop PC with Sound-blaster PCIe audio card and Bose speakers.

I haven’t quite nailed down who makes decent desk monitors that won’t make the neighbors mad.


I’d go for active monitor speakers (like the KRK Rokit or Yamaha HS). They have a decent and not too bass heavy sound and can be connected directly to your setup.


Thanks for the advise I will look at both of them as a solution.


I like the Roland MV8800 :heart_eyes:


The 5000. That is where is all started, Oh, the memories of those decks. :sunglasses:


I love the smell if vinyl in the morning. lol


My current setup, works flawless after 8 years! Started on the 2000 Mk1all those years back… Denon gear will look after you :slight_smile:


Even my 6 yr old boy is feeling the vibe…Getting him trained up!


Hi Kevin, I am interested to see where you will place the SC5000s. Looks like you are running out of space. :wink:


I’ll place them on stands behind the turntables. Had that before - works pretty well!



Love my S3700’s!


That’s a great shaped room too !


Dedication to your “hobby” is defo not a problem. I have worked in venues with far worse-looking booths! Nicely done. :thumbsup:


I have the DN-HD2500 and love it. Been considering the DN-S1200 players for some time now. Great setup!


Todays office :slight_smile:


new new


Old setup and new setup. Had a good Christmas :christmas_tree:


Sooo no DenonDJ anymore or am I missing something interesting about this post?

To spice this topic up a bit: