Show file in folder option in search option

it would be good option if you could look in to folder where is searched file located

That is? Explains better. Maybe you would like to search only within a single crate instead of the entire collection?

Which one of these are you asking for?

Or what this guy asked about searching in folder?

When You do search on computer you can right left click and have an option "open file location "

So you are referring to Engine Prime not Engine OS?

It seems that he wants a function “show file location” in search view on Engine OS on the hardware. I think that could be a useful option.

That is to know where the MP3 file is stored inside the USB stick? And what’s the use?

That’s what I’m talking about . I think that would be great option

Thanks for the feedback.

Are you able to achieve this already by long pressing on the track? Holding the track in the list provides additional metadata for tracks that have been analyzed.

I think I already asked for this. He wanted to go to the folder the file is in.

P.S. We’ll also need the ability to go to that folder and the deck still remembers the search results list and where we were at in it when we go back to search.