Should I go for MC4000 or MC7000?


I have been using a MC3000 for a while now and I just decided to upgrade. I use the base features of the controller - loops, hot cues, jogs for some simple scratching, filters, fx.

I can’t make my mind whether to buy the MC4000 or MC7000.

Honestly I will be using 2 channels for the most of the time. I might use the third for some external input from time to time. My motivation behind getting the MC7000 is that its a higher model (so higher quality?), it has the play/cue buttons separated from pads buttons. It has bigger jog wheels and replaceable channel fader. Is it enough to buy the MC7000? It is a bit over my budget but can get it if it is a good fit for me. I’am a bit afraid it might be too large comparing to MC3000 I had and MC4000?

And the MC4000 - I really like the layout, the design and general feel (can tell from photos only atm). It has all I need. The only thing that worries me is the cue channel volume display. I have heard that there is some sort of problem with visualizing the volume of channel that’s beeing in the headphones. I am used to see the volume meter so I can get it right not only by ear but also visually.

I mix house and sometimes hip hop.

I will be using Traktor Pro 3 which I already own, so the full version of Serato DJ is not a plus in my situation.

Really appreciate the feedback as I’ve just sold my controller and can’t wait to be mixing again :slight_smile: