Should Engine Prime be Prioritized Over Prime Series Firmware? Or Vice-Versa?

I am thinking for the last many weeks that from reading of the posts here most people are happy with the firmware in prime models than over balance, more people are unhappy with Engine Prime softwares.

So my question today of all Prime model user everyone is here : Would you say, that after the firmware to that they must be working on at moments is given to all public, that then stop firmware and work only to engine Prime to make that the great software it so can be.

And then when the engine Prime is great, and given to all public, then they carry on to make more firmware to prime models

I say above because only little number of public say bad thing of firmware now but many more of public say the bad thing of the engine Prime.

So, how people here think to this ?

For me it depends on which features/ bugfixes there will be in both upcoming updates.

We need EP to be better, but to live with the bad BPM algorithm, we could just get some way to edit the BPM on the units( Not just Double or half, but shrink/ expand…)


Software is a dedicated team in NZ and is operating parallel to hardware. Why would they need to wait for each other? Takes even more expensive time.


You’ve answers your own question there.

I can visualize how some functions are ONLY firmware on the players

And I can visualise that some functions are ONlLY software in Engine Prime

But I can understand that some functions must have to be changed in Engine Prime BECAUSE they changed in the players.

So maybe he’s got a point. For an example: if makes sense that BPM calculated by the players should be the same as the bpm calculated for the same track by Engine. It would be silly if player said 131 bpm and Engine said 133 bpm. So that change would make sense to do in Engine Prime and firmware at the same time, probably unavoidable.

If Engine Prime in NZ gets added to, then the firmware has to get added to… if the firmware get certain things added to it, then engine Prime has to have those certain things added to it, delaying its release.

But, maybe things that only need the players firmware changed maybe could and should wait until Engine Prime has had a massive big huge heap of love spent on it. Make the firmware only things wait until after that Engine Prime focus

(Sorry, I wasn’t using the big letters for shouting, just for “ tone “ :innocent: )

I don’t need to visualize, I will only guess.

But can you guess then my point .

Somethings like to make the screen flash on and off in time to the bpm would not need any extra programming into engine Prime only the firmware so some firmware feature like that could be put on hold until Engine Prime is much much better than it is.

I think people have forgotten how bad serato, Rekordbox, tractor and virtual DJ were in their first few versions. They’ve moved on now but it took them years.

Hello, @LargoS, I have edited this thread’s title so it can be better understood

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Prime 4 now has the ability to calculate BPM using the bpm info stored in the track’s metadata

This is not yet available in Engine Prime, so it’s possible for Players and engine prime to come up with different BPM

Just saying :robot:

Frankly with the options to easily transfer stuff to the Prime environment from (say) Rekordbox and iTunes, there are for a lot of us (my assumption) enough ways around using EP only and just sticking to our old workflows.

Firmware updates on the other hand, should be often (minor for bugfixes) and/or regular (new features).

So under the current circumstances, my vote would still go to firmware over EP software updates.

I have said it before, they should just buy Mixvibes Cross (the new version is pretty awesome) from the guys who produced the earlier versions of RekordBox for Pioneer (before Pioneer decided to go full DJ software). It’s a dwindling platform (imho) and Mixvibes the company is very busy with their highly succesful iPad apps anyway. Slap some Denon Juice on there, integrate whatever features EP might have and Cross doesn’t (not sure what that would be as Cross is pretty complete), have a collection management mode and a performance mode. Finally get some guru assistance in optimising all the cross-platform integrations and import options.

I think that would cut out a LONG development path, give them competitive collection management features and power and even use it for all the other non-Prime Denon and Numark controller DJ’s. All they need is to make a batch of controller mappings (easy enough to do with some effort and manpower).

Just my three cents as usual.

p.s. I have said it before, but then … nobody listens to me … rofl

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@mufasa but don’t you have to run each track through one at a time to do this? I would LOVE the option just to have the Prime 4 analyze the tracks in bulk, on the system. Maybe in a future firmware update?

[quote=“Engell, post:2, topic:15772”] but to live with the bad BPM algorithm, we could just get some way to edit the BPM on the units( Not just Double or half, but shrink/ expand[/quote]

I believe that we should have full spectrum control over bpm/grid editing on the hardware. If this happens it will be a step closer to ditching the laptop.