Shipping update for deck and mixer

Hey all,

Got the following as a shipping update:

I wanted to give you an update regarding the Denon DJ SC5000 / X1800 Prime product launch. As with any new to market product, the official roll out date can sometimes come and then pass, and then get revised. As I mentioned in my last email to you We have the utmost confidence that Denon DJ is doing everything it can to have Engine Prime in its most stable and reliable form before sending out to you the DJ to use at events and gigs.

We had truly hoped to see shipping happen on or around May 5th following the previous date change. Here is what I have been advised as of 5:PM 4/27 Current ETA for SC5000 and X1800 has been adjusted to May 15. What this means is that the Mixer and Media players will be shipping at nearly the same time the hope is that Engine Prime will be rock solid in the version 1.0 ecosystem.

Although this delay is a little frustrating as we are all excited for the arrival, we can appreciate the time and dedication the Denon team is taking in this revolutionary collection of products.
It is my promise to keep you informed and as up to date as possible in regard to your pre-order and these products.

Hope this is helpful. This all but confirms that it is the Engine Prime SW that is causing the delay and that HW is ready to go.


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