Shipped without locking IEC cable?

Happy to get a pair of SC6000s this week. The X1850 shipped with a locking power cable but the SC6000 did not. Is this just me or did Denon just drop standard cables in after trailing the locking socket as a feature in all the NAMM publicity?

Same thing happened to me. One locking power cable with one SC6000 unit and normal power cables for the other and the mixer. Very strange behaviour

I got two locking cables with the 6ks.

Must be a mistake from denon if you haven’t got them.

Both of my SC6000 had the locking cable. I’d get in touch with them and see if they can send it on.

Hi @TJDJ & @steeleworkdnb - The SC6000 and X1850 should all be shipping with locking IEC cables. If you received standard IEC cables, please contact our support team and someone will gladly sort this out for you.

Hi JWill, I got this response from Denon UK support this morning… [removed names with XXXs]


Thank you for getting in touch.

Sadly the SC6000s, do not come with the locking IEC cables in the UK, as such we are unable to provide these, apologies for any inconvenience.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

Kind regards, [XXXXXXXXXXX] Aftersales Advisor

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Thats not true :confused:

Yep, the support team don’t seem to be aware of this. The cable with the x1850 looks similar to Schurter part no. 6051.2008. (V-Lock)

@JWiLL As PMM do you confirm it should ship with these cables? The support team contradict this, but I’m unclear on the situation.

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I also was missing a locking cable I notified my retailer of this and they said they will send one out once they receive it from Denon, its not a major issue as at least i can still use the other player but I will feel better once I receive the intended cable.

I returned to Denon support and they say it’s an error: they will sort out cables to correct.

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