Shift Panel & Browse Push button bug?

Should Shift Panel be registering the same button as Browser Push?

‘shift_panel’ and ‘shift_browser_push’ are both in the ‘Key’ drop down menu in VDJ Controller Window but pressing Shift and Panel it shows up as the button 'shift_browser_push. Is this a bug or intended?

It’s not a mapping issue as removing the mapping, the VDJ receiving as window, midi window (what ever it’s name is) shows it as such.

Thank you.

Just wanted to bump this post and also confirm that in Traktor Shift+Browser Push and Shift+Panel Both show up as Channel 16 Note G1. So it seems that these two button combos will do the same thing no matter what they’re mapped to. I’m not too knowledgeable on this but my guess is would be either a hardware or firmware issue That’s coming from the controller no matter the software My Question to Denon support: Is it possible to seperate these two button combos in a firmware update or are we stuck with this Bug/Feature

I believe it was a tiny bug in the firmware that was not really considered important enough to fix. Unless mapping in your own buttons it doesn’t create an error. I would like to see it corrected though.

Two different buttons generating the same midi message is a significant bug imho.

I’d agree… but considering the post is over a year old and only now someone else has commented, I can see why it isn’t. The only other time I’ve seen it mentioned is when the VDJ Devs confirmed the bug to me, and that they’d reported it to Denon.

I wonder if it’s a similar problem with mc4000 and reported problems when using it with SDJ (random stopping the track and switching cued side)

The issue we’ve reported here isn’t random so I doubt it’s similar. Pressing the button always results in the same command.