Shift button functionality? midi or firmware controlled?

Hi there all,

I haven’t had the controller long but I do love this thing, quality, sound and feel is amazing!

I am currently working through creating custom mappings for Traktor, want to get everything functioning just the way I like it! I had a quick question for Denon as it affects the way I need to map this beast :wink:

Is the shift button a true MIDI button or is it controlled by the firmware to modify the output values of all the other buttons on the controller?

Thanks in advance for any information you can help me with :pray:

Hey there Paradoxical,

I’m quite sure that it is just a MIDI button, however there is a very simple way to find out. Using any MIDI utility program that shows the raw midi output (Snoize MIDI Monitor for OSX or MIDIOX for WIN), press one of the buttons that have shift capabilities and see what the midi note is. Then press the same button with shift held. You have your answer then.

Having a good MIDI utility app when you’re mapping is a good tool to have lying around if you don’t already have one…

I suppose you could also do this within Traktor with midi learn if you just take a note of what the note mapping is as well.



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Thanks for the advice and info Vince, I have been doing some testing and have downloaded a couple of programs to help me out with this process. I know what you r saying about Traktor and the learn function, I just find it so time consuming that way and it’s not the greatest interface when it comes to viewing your work and different mappings.

All that said I now have my answer and also the solution to the problems I was having with my custom mapping, it explained everything!

Thanx again :+1:

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