"Shared" track analysis in Pioneer Rekordbox beta

This sounds like a kinda cool idea. Not quite sure how it would checksum the tracks to see if they were identical but in theory it may be quicker to download analysis information than scan tracks individually.

Thoughts anyone?

I’m just waiting for the other inevitable Pioneer DJ shoe to drop…my wild guess is that KUVO will be invoked , data collected will be sold off by accident or leased to some useless third party to develop ways to sell KUVO branded Pioneer DJ VR (Tour or Nexus3) glasses to some demographic or other.

KUVO should be avoided at all costs.

If inMusic ever becomes a standard in dj booths, they will also try some similar shiit or worse.

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Seriously. KUVO is like the monorail of the digital DJ world…or the seemingly innocuous device that everyone put on their cars in that one episode of Doctor Who . I bet even @discobot hates KUVO.

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