Share your library management solutions

Hi there,

I’m new here, my first visit. I am new to Denon and engine prime, though read and watched a lot already. Got myself a temporary SC5000 in await for arrival of SC6000M’s.

My question is on library management. I come from a vinyl background and library managing is very important to me. Right tagging and images etc. Especially since I’m used to recognizing record sleeves instead of track titles.

First thing I’d like to know if you people use iTunes (now Apple music) as underlying library? Or something else. The advantage of that is that the library can be the basis for RekordBox AND Engine prime.

I have an issue with iTunes though. Each imported track by iTunes is saved in a different folder automatically. For instance ‘luther vandross - are u using me’ is not saved as a seperate track, but iTunes creates a folder naming the album the track is from.

If I go to the drive where all these records sit, I cannot ask Engine Prime to search all AIFF files in that directory and import them. Instead I have to take open each of the (currently) 650 folders that iTunes created and import them one by one.

Off course I can also import itunes, but currently with Apple music you have to create an XML file which does not auto update. So the process remains the same.

I think I would prefer that if I download a track I put it in my directory in a folder I create myself, without iTunes creating its own folders. But once I click on a file and iTunes starts running, it automatically creates these annoying subfolders.

Maybe I am missing something here. I would like to hear from various people what alternatives they create to have an underlying database for RekordBox and Engine Prime software with minimal manual work in syncing. Either with or without iTunes/apple music.

Thank you all in advance!

iTunes has a setting option - Allow ITunes to manage your library or something .

Uncheck that.

Now when you download a new track and play it with iTunes it won’t make a copy. You get to decide where the actual file will live.