Setup of SoundSwitch

I am completely new to SoundSwitch - so excuse me for maybe asking “stupid” questions:

I use both Prime Go and Prime4, and I can see, that I have possibility to control light via the screen on both Go and P4.

For the SoundSwitch basic version, do I need some hardware between Go/P4 and the lights? If so, what can you recommend?? See picture below *) And …

  • How do I connect from GO/P4 (from witch “output”) to the recommended hardware (and is it via “LINK” at Go/P4 or USB?)

  • And if I don’t need hardware for the basic version, how do I then connect from Go/P4 to the lights? (what cable do I need?)

For the Pro version, I can see, that I can buy the programme. Do I need Hardware for the Pro version?

Where can I download manual for SoundSwitchbasis and pro versions?

Last: Anyone who can recommend sone specific Philips Hue lightning effects for SoundSwitch? And how to connect from Go/P4 to Hue?

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

*) I found this one, but is it needed for Go/P4? If yes, do I connect it via Go/P4s USB?

Hi @JohnDK

First confusion to get away is the difference between Engine Lightning by Soundswitch) in the Prime hardwares OS which offer a basic and a pro version, and Soundswitch Desktop itself (which basically is needed for the Engine Lightning Pro version).

The basic version in the hardware is enough to control Hue lights. You need:


  • Engine DJ v2.0 or higher


  • Engine DJ hardware running v2.0 or higher
  • Philips Hue Bridge
  • Philips Hue Light (Entertainment Area approved)

The Pro version is to have more advanced control AND to control DMX lights. You need:


  • Engine DJ v2.0 or higher
  • SoundSwitch v2.4 or higher


  • Engine DJ hardware running v2.0 or higher
  • SoundSwitch Micro or Box One DMX Interface

You need as shown above the Hue bridge (in the same network).

The Hue bridge is connected wireless. The USB to DMX dongle goes directly in the normal USB port of the unit. In case of Prime Go a USB hub works if needed.

Yes, SoundSwitch Micro or Box One DMX Interface.

Support page of Also useful are SoundSwitch - The Best Way to Light your Event and

Good luck and if you have more questions just shoot

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Thank you so much for all info, Addie! Much appreciated! :slight_smile: BR John

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