Setting up External Hard Drive

I am trying to set up my Seagate 1tb externall HDD for use with my MCX8000 running beta v3 (soon to be v4). I have formatted it to FAT32 and it went from ‘unsupported volume’ on the mcx to ‘USB 1’ but I can’t open it. All the files have been added to Engine prime on my mac prior to attempting to use it with standalone mode. Can any devs provide the exact set of steps necessary to get this to work properly?

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If it is recognized properly it should display whatever name you gave the volume.

Personally I have reverted to the (somewhat older) HP USB Format Tool for formatting sticks and disks to use for DJ-ing as it seems the most “pure” format.

Just a tip. I am not a developer :slight_smile:

I used the HP USB format tool… what next. what is the FULL proper method of setting up the drive?

Is your drive a powered external hdd? If so, are just plugging it into the usb port or are you giving it power from it’s own supply too? I actually had this issue with SSD that I thought would just work. It showed up, but I couldn’t open any folders. As soon as I gave it external power, it worked fine.

it’s a “Seagate Backup Plus 1TB USB 3.0” It only has the 1 connector so idk how I’d power it.

The STDR1000101 isnt mentioned in Seagates support site anymore. The site shows some similar drives with a comment that when using the drive with USB3 hosts theres no external power needed (as USB 3 sockets on a computer provide more current / amps). The Seagate site mentions that when using USB 2, a power Y-Cable is required.

The USB Y cables pull power from two USB 2.0 ports (500 milliamps each), but only exchange data to/from one of those USB ports.

For sure!! Use a Y-cable, Im almost positive this is power related now.

i’de buy a samsung external ssd, i expect that one to run fine on the mcx8000 (didn’t test is though)

due to the lower power requirements I’d assume?

besides that i suppose the seagate is a classic hard disk, which is more likely to disaster in case of falling etc etc…

but the price tag is a tad higher…

that is correct given the fact that for example the samsung external SSD like probably contains a samsung 850 evo ssd, and the 850 evo consumes about 50mA ( without the extra circuits that convert sata to usb, it should run imho usb 2.0 should be able to provide with 500mA for a device

so this means we have a gap of around 450mA just for the electronics that handle the usb connection

but again, didn’t test it, so to be on the safe side, you could order one with a money back garantuee…