Set up my gear for the first time since March

Had to do some testing. Windows update, VDJ update and new firmware for the MCX8000.

Worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Probably be another 6 months before I can use it all again though!


Nice setup. Perhaps you can hold a neighborhood party and place cones where people can stand. Tell them they can text thier requests to you and then autoreply that you’ve already played it. (I’m kidding, of course)

BTW: Nicely manicured yard. :+1:

That was my first thought! Mine’s the exact opposite.

Keith, I’m interested in that clamp/mount for the screen on your left. What is that?

Ha ha, thanks.

We put up a new building for my wife to work from, but we had to basically rip up the old concrete, level everything and lay 200 paving slabs. I’ve lost a stone in weight doing it but at least it’s given me something to do when not gigging.

Still a bit of work to do and some soil to dispose of but we’re almost there.

Regarding the clamp, it’s one of these. You unscrew the top part then it leaves a screw mount which goes in to the bottom of the monitor stand.


Nice job. Not sharing ANY of these photos with my wife. She might get some crazy ideas… :wink:

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That looks really beautiful. What a nice place to call home!

This is a yard!


@kradcliffe That stand you have is pretty sweet, may i ask where this was sourced from?

Hi there,

Can’t remember where I bought it from but this is it here:

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I think i’ve commented before that I like your set up. Is some of it prewired? …i’m thinking about the hub on the upright of the stand, does that stay there permanently?

Not really pre-wired as such, but the bit in the middle is actually the HDMI splitter and 3 way hub (Charge in, HDMI out and USB) on top of each other and it is permanently fixed to the stand. The 4 way power adapter below the controller is also fixed. Just saves a minute when setting it all up.