Set Cue markers Colors to a default..(so we just have to hit needed pads and won't have to repeat assign color process EACH track)

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? To set a default color the cue markers 1-8 so we won’t have to repeat the assign-color-process each track we want to map

  • How will this feature help you and others? Since i (and most of the dj’s here) have a certain workflow… It would be handy if we could assign for default colors for each of the pads 1-8 f.e. 1: yellow // 2: orange // 3: yellow (again) // … For each pad we can assign it’s fixed color. (and maybe a fixed text)

This way, when we map our tracks, we just hit the needed markers and don’t need te fix it’s color and retype the txt (for each track)

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? don’t know

  • Does a workaround currently exist? create a marker, assign color (repeat proces per track you want to map)

  • How often would you use this feature? Once; to enjoy it daily Or when a certain workflow changes… Once again; to enjoy it daily again.

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? It’s all about preparations to create a certain balance for a future workflow.

side note: i can’t stress enough how much i love my Prime 4 setup!! as i said before … IT’S A GAMECHANGER!!! There is a bottleneck in the details of the Engine Prime Software but it’s getting there!! Concurrention didn’t get there in 1 day … so let’s get to it!


Hmmm. I don’t have preferred hot cue colors but I can see how this can be helpful for folks.

I think Laidback Luke uses colors to identify Hot cue points in in his tracks as well.

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Indeed! LBL does this too… i used to use these in RB for years now … but i realy had it with always keeping on redefining colors…

i made a small example of a possible implementation in the EP settings

EDIT: i added a possibility to create “profiles” to be able to be genre specific

I use colors to color code the hot cues accordingly what is about to happen in the track after that hot cue. Blue for melody and vocals, yellow for intro, cyan outro, red for the drop or intense drums, green for break downs / slowdowns, orange - buildup, purple all other stuff.

It let’s me do fast mix in without reading the text or looking where that cue is in the track.

Yup that’s the whole concept behind those markers indeed. To each his own method to make sessions consistent.

But wouldn’t it be handy that you can set the pads in a fixed state? So once you clicked the cue to assign the marker, the color & text note is already chosen & filled in ? (also when you assign pads on the dj device … you can’t change the colors, so if you export the default states to your external hdd/usb/sd-card it also implements those settings to your behaviour profile…)

  • It could be handy if we could make like 5 profiles of cue marker defaults. (each musical genre has a specific and different approach of setting up markers)

For some this looks a bit far fetched i agree… But for those who have figured out a certain solid marker system… and do a cue-marking session on tracks on a daily base it could save a lot of time.

Regards Nico

Yes and no. For example I have in the same music genre some tracks that have 3 drops, some have 2. Some have 4 breakdowns. Ready made scheme is not working for me at all.

Yes for parts like:

  1. Beginning of track / intro
  2. 1 Drop
  3. Rollout

(i find these markers in EACH tune i map)

Each tune is different indeed but for markers like i just mentioned… if you could fix defaults for those… it’ll bring a better workflow imo.