Serious error effects and seep fx doubled volume rise prime go

Good afternoon Gentlemen of Denon, I just tried my prime go and the error when you put an effect, for example an echo goes up many decibels, I would say double the volume of the song at that time. It also happens with sweep fx. please there is some immediate solution … Without no people I think they will return the product.


Of course the volume will go up when you add an effect to the music, because there are two things happening on top of each other (music + effect). The same happens when you mix two tracks together. Volume goes up because one plus one is two.

The immediate solution is to bring the channel volume down as you bring the effect in.

I think you’re wrong to say that the volumes add up. then for each song, following your reasoning, should we halve the master? I have never had an instrument that adds up the volume of two tracks !!! rather there will be a setting that regulates the volumes of the effects!

You’ll have started him off now … :joy:

No - that’s the science behind it. This is not the place to go into long explanations, but you can Google if you’re interested.

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Hello pktdj, I think you are wrong pioneer and company … when you make an effect it may add a little as you go up to the effect, but not the exaggeration of Denon that we talk about many more dbs. when you remove the effect for example an echo from one track … then the other track you have to give it a lot of gain that stays very low in volume. I see a very serious error and I know what I’m talking about

Oh well that’s OK then. I’ll leave the discussion on acoustics to you.

I don’t know anything about acoustics, I don’t know if I express myself well with this translator, it’s difficult. I mean that the other brands and I think I have tried them all, they do not increase the volume so much when you give it to the effect … it is outrageous we talk about almost doubling the volume.

When you turn the effect on, how much are you adding (at what position is the wet/dry knob)?

Ideally the wet/dry knob should act like a crossfader between the dry (no efffect) and the wet (100% effect), with the centre position being a 50/50 wet/dry mix.

Sorry, I did not understand the translation, but the knob is at 0 when you turn it up to 20%. It is almost as if it were at 70%. It means that at 20% the volume has been increased a lot, but the effect, for example, (echo) has not started working and if you give the knob 50% if you are creating the effect but the volume is already too exaggerated. is not compensated.

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forgive me. then I didn’t understand what you mean when you write that by mixing two songs the two volumes add up.

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nothing unique, thanks, really to see if someone solves this problem please

The effects have to be reworked, that is clear to all of us … I hope so! Yes … without effects you can also work … but if you talk about standalone device and battery operated which is not cheap, the effects should also be right…especially reverb, deelay which i use sometimes out of sync !! we have 21 centuries and there is a software-based controller in prime series that can certainly be adapted with firmware updates. chaining effects is now also possible with zoom and other pedals, why not here with a much stronger software like engine? Hall and reverb seem mono to me, who needs beats in the hall? … at least a pre setting would be good … room size too! echo and deelay, aren’t they the same algorithm? only dry / wet deelay without amount …! ping pong is dangerous without decay time …! phaser without amount is also not clear … i think the boys from denon are cool, and will also listen to us … !! please do not forget that we are dealing with a professional device, although it (prime GO) looks so small it is very powerful. !! that with aux in pre headphones and mic eq has been suggested several times here in the forum … recordings with aux in mic are also necessary when playing a combined set. regards…


Thank you very much @bazerax, for the support, I 100% support your words, the guys from Denon hope you soucionar them so that the prime go is perfect

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Hey guys so I can confirm 100% there is a big problem with the echo effect.

I have an x1800 and when I set the parameter to 1 beat and 50% wet/dry I can leave the effect on for 1 or 2 beats to get the tail of the echo and bring down the Crossfader and the volume does not increase the way the Prime go does.

With the Prime go set to 1 beat and 50% wet/dry the volume increases instantly so much that you have to lower the Chanel fader about 25% but then you also do not get the echo effect properly. It shouldn’t do this and yes it also happens on the wash out effect.

If I set the wet/dry at 25% you don’t get the echo effect at all just increase in volume. If you do get it you don’t notice it and it’s def unusable.

The wash out effect should smoothly fade and echo out whatever your playing. On the Prime go the washout increases volume very noticeable and has a very short echo out

Very upset at this. Otherwise I think the player is awesome but I use the wash out and echo a lot when I’m mixing fast through tracks.

Has there been any word on denon addressing those ??


I’m with you, it’s a very serious problem, I can’t mix with the prime go. please denon guys we need a solution


I’d disagree that it’s a very serious problem for most DJs. It’s certainly something that should be looked at in a future firmware update for sure, but not in a drop-everything aspect.

It’s not as though fx-mixing is the only way of mixing any two tracks together. It’s one way, yeah, but it can get tiresome when used as the only, or nearly only mix method. Just like a 3 hour gig where over an hour of flange is in use, or 20 track-to-track transitions where 15 of them were backspin-cuts etc

No one asked for your opinion on how important it is to you.

It’s important to us because it’s how we choose to mix and because it’s our money that was spent on a product.

Stop being a negative and miserable person.

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It’s a forum - you’ll get everyone’s opinion whether you wanted them, or not, or a snap of the fingers solution. That’s how it works.

If you want a one-sided “oh woe is me” conversation then forums may not be for you.