Serato Refresh skipping songs


Recently started using Engine Prime and I noticed that upon importing the serato library, Engine Prime for some reason skips certain songs. (e.g. a serato crate might have 1002 tracks but Engine Prime will only show 985). It seems to recognize the tracks if I drag the missing ones over manually into my collection and then refresh again. (Which is pretty tedious as I can’t just select them all and drag them over. I have to do it individually after using Excel to find out which ones are missing…). Is there a fix for this underway?


Hello, does this seem to be random tracks or the same tracks not pulling across?


It happens to completely random tracks


That’s very strange. We’re having our Software team look into this issue & hopefully we can resolve this in the next update :slight_smile:


Yep, I am currently also experiencing this same exact thing. In fact, I’ve raised this up on another discussion forum with screenshots. But still waiting for the moderator to review that, and get back to me.

I just thought I’d add feedback here.


I too have experienced this issue. However, dragging and dropping tracks from Rekordbox into Engine Prime seems to work pretty well. It takes a little manual work, but oh well. I’m pretty happy with this as long as it doesn’t skip copying over any of my tracks.