Serato Pitch 'n Time included with Prime 4?

Since Prime 4 also includes the Serato DJ PRO license in the price, I wanted to know if the Pitch 'n time package is also included, all this to get the Pitch Play function. Can any Prime 4 owner confirm?


Where is the license for Serato?

Think the special extra licenses were only ever thrown in free on the midi-only laptop controllers like the MC7000.

As the prime 4 is mainly for the “Hirrahhh no more laptop at gigs” brigade, and that serato probably aren’t too keen on doing anything to help sales of standalone smart consoles, I doubt there’s much free serato offers in the box.

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I don’t think you need a license, Serato picks up the controller when connected.

Yes, if you connect the Prime 4 to Serato DJ PRO, it works because the Prime 4 is part of the hardware that can unlock the operation of Serato DJ PRO. If you connect a console not among those listed by Serato, it will not work (unless you pay for the monthly license or purchase it). Since I saw in the videos that the Pitch play mode is also available for Prime 4, I was wondering if it was necessary to buy the extension or not.

Serato is unlocked via Prime Hardware. But for special needed features, you still need to buy the plugins.

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Not ALL. The only Prime Hardware that unlocks Serato is the Prime 4. The SC5000/6000/M can only be used with the X1800,1850 as an accessory through a paid license needed to activate the mixers.

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