Serato or engine library

Is it best to build my library in serato or engine.? I’m confused as to which I should use

With the star rating back in the IOS version of iTunes, I would consider using iTunes again. It does takes some getting used to, but it will then give you access to your track from any DJ software, including Engine, RekordBox, Serato, Traktor, Cross, DJay Pro, VDJ, etx.

Just be sure not to use that Apple Music sync option. It will wreck your collection.

Now I’m having the same issue as to building my library from Traktor or Engine Prime. I see where you said use iTunes. I’m not very experienced with iTunes so could you please break it down for me on how to build a library in iTunes and then convert if over to Engine Prime. I’m having BPM issues where I know a song is faster/slower then what the BPM column is telling me, I have track loading issues, I start with 500 tracks analyze them and all of a sudden I have 418. What happened to the other 82 songs. I’m having beat grid issues. I have songs from record pools that the beat grids should be perfect and they aren’t. Yes I’m having issue from you know where…lol. Thank you for your time and effort.

PS. What do you thing about DeCu? Denon Conversion Utility.

I also don’t use iTunes, however still use RekordBox as my main tool to set cue/loops etc. Just because I don’t feel Engine is not yet good enough and still need some improvements.

I do know the Denon members don’t like the tool you mentioned but I use it all the time and have not yet come accross any problems.