Serato link and BPM problem with analysing On the fly!

Hey denon I have now messaged you guys and email you guys with this problem. No one is readying.

  1. when is the hid mode for serato Dj coming out?
  2. the beat grade is not picking up the right BPM on the fly or in laptop software. I understand denon is working on new products however. They are people who have spent over 2k on the SC5000Ms and I don’t see much on the Ms only keep seeing everything for the SC5000. This is not in a rude way. What’s the point bringing new products out when you have unfixed products like the SC5000Ms

Hi djflexuk,

Serato controller mode is already available on the sc5000 but not the sc5000m are you talking about the sc5000m?

Hi @djflexuk,

Thanks for posting!

Like @steevo mentions, HID mode is available for the SC5000, but Serato support is still pending for the SC5000M. I do not have an ETA for this, but make you’re signed up for the newsletters from us as well as Serato so you can be the first to know.

As far as BPM detection, Engine Prime will do it’s best but there’s always a chance a song or two may not register properly. Songs with complicated rhythms or fluctuating tempo may be harder to analyze.

Before you analyze a group of songs, be sure to adjust the BPM range in preferences to help with accuracy. If you’re still having trouble, let me know the following:

  • Is the BPM result half or double the expected BPM?
  • Is the BPM completely random or just slightly off the expected tempo?
  • Is the downbeat landing in the wrong place?
  • Is the track live, have a live drummer, or was it ripped off of vinyl? (i.e. is there any fluctuation in tempo or speed?)
  • Are there any tempo changes in the track?

Permit me to share my experience if thats ok. This is one major issue myself and a few other open format DJ have been struggling with in our quest to change our riders.

  • Halftime or Double time is not a deal breaker issue as its easy to workaround. Though it will be nice if Engine Prime can be improved to not have this issue. I dont know what algorithm Traktor Pro uses but it is able to tell correctly 65bpm from 130bpm.

  • Random BPM - I havent come across a completely random BPM value yet as Its not exactly random in my case. If i multiply the wrong BPM by 3 and divide the value by 2 or 4. The resulting answer is the true BPM.

For example

50 Cent - In Da Club is a 90bpm song. Engine Prime analyses it as 60bpm which isnt halftime or double time. _ Using that calculation (60x3)÷2= 90bpm.

Engine 1.5 detects the correct BPM value btw

  • Downbeat landing in wrong place is also not a major issue as one can quickly slide the entire grid to correct this but this also requires accurate BPM to achieve.

  • Live Drummer - Requires Dynamic beat grid analysis. Im not sure if EP has this function yet. I have tried to manually grid a live drummer track in EP but i noticed once i get to the end of the track during gridding it becomes near impossible to place the down marker at the exact point i want it to be. Perhaps this is a bug.

  • Tracks with deliberate tempo changes eg transition tracks that most dj pools offer…i didnt bother as i believe engine prime will try to warp the track to one tempo.

Just after posting this i came across a random BPM track lol

Soul for Real - Every Little Thing I Do
True BPM - 99bpm Engine Prime value - 105bpm


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