Serato like beat Skip (4/8/16/32) button?

How do you guys/girls do this, in Serato one can skip a specific set of bars back/forth with the touch of a button and while on the Prime I can beat jump easily (very nice) Engine Prime doesn’t support that it seems. I know perf pads and cue work differently but still I use the offset quite often. Ideas? (or should this be a FR?)

There’s a suggestion form that you need to fill out for each new suggestion, rather than using ordinary posts. Only the forms will get their votes looked at and or counted

Yeah I kinda know that, just dangling a hook, maybe somebody has an idea? More than willing to do the work though… :ok_hand:

Because engine prime is not performance to an audience software. It’s just prep.

The librarian doesn’t need to saw a lady in half. :slight_smile:

You can always needdrop with the mouse pointer if you need to quickly go forward or backward through a track

Hahaha…well even in prep it would be nice, not having to count…more precise than dropping the mouse too…and in Serato I ony use(d) it in in cue point prep…almost never live… (Hence my joy in finding the beat jump buttons…love them)

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Thats the short cut.

But problem is that when you change tracks the jump size goes back to 4 beats

So give the feature request a vote to allow us set a different value for the beat jump in EP

@S_Anderson beat jump is for preparation as well, cue point prep, loop prep, flip prep (in serato), beat grid prep as well

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Yeah obs, but as the op said “as one can do in serato” I thought it best that I make the distinction between library and performance software, as the forum gets many comments of “Engine prime is nothing like serato, traktor, deejay pro, mixemergen y, and all that lol lol

So…in short… RTFM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: Thanks @mufasa mufasa! :ok_hand:

@S_Anderson To be clear…I know and understand the diff…it’s just something that’s so very very nice to have… :metal:

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