Serato library problem

hi, i have a serato library on my C and D disk only the tracks on the C disk are getting imported it seems… is there a work around?

@AIRVince - I cant see there being a “dual location” option for getting EP to import from Serato. There isnt a [Location] button within Engine Prime for Serato, although there is one for iTunes.

Is there any other way?

Hi @drwho. What format is the drive which is not being seen? Is that drive exFAT or FAT? or something else, eg: NTFS ?

both drives are NTFS formatted C and D are both physical SSD’s also…

Will advice consolidating your library to one drive for Serato. I had a similar situation four years ago with my laptop where I swapped the CD drive for an extra 1TB drive.

When it was time to change laptops library migration was a pain as Serato Database was on both volumes.

It’s totally doable but you have to be super careful so as not to lose crates.

Best to do it when you have some down time and a clear head