Serato Grates Hello ,please help ,I don't understand

I transfer the serato grates to the engine, i do update serato library , and i see the grates in engine software …but i don’t see the sc5000 ? Why ?How fix these. (i have external ssd512 exfat.)

There is no one who knows how to do that ? or at least some video to explain…(tutorial)

Did you set the disk as Master Boot Record when your formatted it?

hello , Yes exfat & master boot.


From the screen grabs, I see Serato Crates in both. Have you tried dragging the crates from the Serato tab to the Denon tab? Also, can you take a screen grab of the Denon crates (the first icon tab) just so we can see what we’re working with?

That is, I mean, it does not let me drag the serato into engine !!

Try this:

  1. Disconnect/eject your formatted USB
  2. Create a new Engine Crate. Then, select all of the tracks from the Serato Crate (not the Crate) and drag the selected tracks over to the Engine Crate you just created.
  3. Insert your formatted USB drive into your computer.
  4. Wait for Engine Prime to recognize the drive.
  5. Now, drag the Engine Crate you created to your USB drive.

Let me know if this works.

I do not want to make new grates, but to watch the lists I have in the serato, if I do new grates and I drag only the songs from the serato, it works.!

I believe there are two types of Crates in the Engine Prime software: Serato Crates and Engine Prime crates. In order to use Crates on your USB drive, you must use Engine Crates–Serato Crates will not directly transfer over to your USB device. Unless, I’m mistaken, this is why it’s necessary to create Engine Prime Crates within the software and then transfer the songs over to your USB device. Perhaps one of the Mods can chime in to confirm this.


I think so and how it should be done … but how? What am I doing wrong ? Thank you very much for the help. Anyone else from Denon?

So just to confirm: when you create a new Engine Crate within the Engine Prime software, you’re able to move a track from within a Serato Crate to the newly created Engine Crate? Furthermore, you can then transfer the Engine Crate to your USB device?

You’re not able, however, to directly transfer a Serato Crate to the Engine Prime Crate List.

Is all that accurate?

that’s right !

Finally, we can not get the list of engine from Serato ???