Serato files across to Engine?

Hi guys,

I’ve recently purchased the MCX8000. I’ve been drooling over this unit since it’s release, but I’m absolutely disgusted with Engine. I hate using or seeing a laptop within the DJ booth as in most cases it stops the audience/DJ interaction. The engine software is not fit for purpose at the moment, with track loading into the software being impossible ( woefully limited to 2 or 3 tracks at a time) I’ve prepped 200 odd songs using the Serato DJ Pro (upgrade we received recently) but I’m struggling to transfer the Serato library across to Engine. I was led to believe that all the cue points saved in Serato would copy across, however I can’t even get the small library I’ve built to copy across…

Anyone help me out?


It’s all to do with dragging and dropping if I remember.

Over the weekend I’ll get back to you on this but hopefully Gee can chime in first.

There is an update that is arriving at some point soon. It was promised 12 months ago and is about to hit testing hopefully.

Unfortunately I won’t get to play with my MCX8000 until August as I fly to Sydney on Tuesday for 5 months. I won’t lie… I’m gutted I never got to play on the new version before I went away. If I could fly with it then I would but it’s just too heavy.

Back to the Pioneer DJM-850 then :frowning: