Serato dvs expansion kit + control vinyl bundles?

As we know, the Prime 4 unlocks Serato Pro software and supports DVS with the Serato DVS expansion pack.

I’m wondering if anyone is aware of bundle deals that include both the $99 Serato DVS expansion pack and comes with a pair of Serato control vinyl. I haven’t been able to find this bundle available from popular online vendors like B&H, Sweetwater, Guitar Center, or Amazon, but I don’t think that necessarily means it doesn’t exist.

I’ve only seen bundles that include the control hardware (Denon DS1) as well, but that would be redundant with the Prime 4.

Thanks for any tips.

What’s up Highlands,

That bundle doesn’t exist as the DVS expansion pack has to be purchased directly from Serato and activated via your Serato account. You can pick up the DVS Vinyl at a number of retailers with the price being pretty much standardized (i.e. Standard Black Vinyl Pair = $29/US).

My suggestion: Purchase the vinyl from Amazon (2-day free shipping) or your local Guitar Center (pick up today possibly) and then go to and get the expansion pack. You can be cuttin’-and-scratchin’ as soon as tonight! Anyway you slice it, you’ll pay at least $129/US.

Good luck!