Serato Dj vs Full prime setup

This why I keep it beside my x1850 cause it’s for the folk who got their licence free and don’t know.

DJM S9 and S3



They are both released in partnership with Serato hence the S or SRT

I’m not so familiar with reloop products

What you may notice is there is a price markup when the mixer has Serato support out of the gate in the few instances when there are non serato versions of the same piece of gear.

Summary someone somewhere has to pay. Who is the question. Newer companies may absorb the cost but established ones like Denon will tell you to do one. :sweat_smile:

Yeah I wanted 2ch version. Something for frontline use.

I tried serato to see why people are flexing with it. I guess I’m too used to traktor to see any value for me to move over. However I do envy the pitch play. Can’t wait to see it applied to the prime series.

The Pitch n’ Time algorythm together with Key Adjust/Sync is very powerful, you have the option for Serato Video which is embedded very nicely and the Software is known for being highly stable and reliable (on my old Macbook Air then GUI kept freezing for 3-4sec when I did too many heavy things at once, but guess what, the music never had any hiccups and kept playing). But for me it is the mere fact that I simply need my 15" Laptop sometimes for gigs with many different genres and requests, every additional column of tracks is helpful here.

And speaking about 2-Channel Mixer and Controller, you are so right, it is an absolue pity that producers always tend to neglect/castrate them too much:

  • There is no proper 2 Ch Mixer, which has Booth Out, long VU Meters, a great effect section (or snd/rtn), split cue and digital ins. There are always some annoying compromises. The Denon DNX600 was a rather good candidate, but due to the price, people went for the inferior DJM-350/400 or Xone 22/23 instead, these were much more popular

  • There is no proper 2 Ch Controller with full Serato Pro support, except the DDJ-SR2, which sounds bad and can’t be properly used standalone (only Gains work, no EQ/Filter - why?), and the rather no-name Mixar Primo (which is great and cheap, but suffers from some jog freeze issues). The smaller Traktor controllers also have significat drawbacks

  • There is no proper 2 Ch All-in-One with full Serato Pro support, the RX2 at least has phono/line inputs but you are tied to Rekordbox and that old screen, the Prime 2 has only Aux-In and no Serato support either, very frustrating considering the bulky XDJ-XZ and Prime 4 work plug and play, but most mobile DJs like me simply don’t want 4 channel monsters

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Monsters? My Prime 4 is currently sitting in a space previously occupied by one Technics SL1200 and a two channel mixer.

How shall your personal comparision help any other users who simply don’t have the space and need for a full 4-channel controller/AIO, who don’t want to carry it around for their mobile gigs (weddings)? For many people coming from controllers like the popular SB/SR/SX ones, both the Prime 4 or the SZ are simply too big, aka “monsters”. They, as well as many test reviews, would embrace a badass 2-Ch unit without unecessary compromises.

My only option as DDJ-SX owner, who never needed 4 channels, is either the Prime 2 (which I really like, but it lacks Serato support for my tasks where I still need my laptop), or a combination of SR2/Primo and a single SC5000 (neither really convenient or good looking), to make the change to the Prime ecosystem. But whatever, right now I have to priotize my money for other things anyway, just planning ahead for 2021… sighs

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It’s not the P2 which needs to support Serato, it’s Serato that needs to support the P2.

Besides, it can be used with VirtualDJ.

It’s the P2 I want to buy, the hardware, thus from the customer’s view, the P2 ‘lacks’ Serato support. But yes, I am aware that both parties have to work together for that and I hope they will, not today, but in near-mid future. It is fully understandable for me to focus on selling the standalone concept first, I respect that, so I don’t want to push anything. I simpley encourage giving the P2, advertised as the same pro-gear like its bigger brother, the same treatment. It already lacks line/phono-ins, and the competition (RX2) is definetly here.

Yes, implementation of VDJ is already a welcomed addition, which boosts the unit flexibility. The more flexibility, the more people will buy it / change their gear, since they only have to buy one unit which can fullfil multiple roles/scenarios, like standalone and laptop-based, so that is good! For me as (and most) SDJ user(s), VDJ is definetly no option for various reasons. However, we are drifting into offtopic.

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You want the Prime 2, you want to be able to use it with DJ software…but not VDJ. So what are these “various reasons”? Of all the DJ software options available, VDJ is the most versatile.

What is it - a “street cred” thing? :joy:

Allright, just for you:

  • Owning a SX for several years. Hardware is starting to bore me, but the Software is amazing. Also tons of playlists, custom crates, history, etc. there and not in the mood of transferring everything again. I already had Traktor and VDJ before, I know them, I prefer Serato like many users, no need to explain me how “versatile” it is.
  • I am fascinated by the Prime portfolio, both the SC decks as well as the Prime 2 unit. The Prime 4 is too bulky for me and I don’t need the channels. The Prime 2 has no Serato support, I need that for my weddings and longer gigs with many music genres and requests, where the 7" touchscreen is just too cumbersome to use. Switching to my laptop, issue solved.
  • I do NOT plan to use the Prime as controller entirely, I just don’t want to buy seperate devices, I would favor a great unit which can take both scenarios like the Prime 4 just with 2 channels - again, flexibility. That aeroplane comparision thus makes no sense.

Also, please stop behaving inmature and respect other peoples’ background and scenarios. If you don’t need it, don’t bathmouth it. I don’t care about other stuff like RGB-waveforms either, so I simply don’t comment on that, simple as that.

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Less slang, more constructive posts, would be nice. Btw I am not from the US so I extra had to google this strange term, result: I don’t see how this is of any help here at all.

General opinion about Serato vs Standalone - some people tend to see this an antagonism and become annoyed, dunno why though. Mobile DJs indeed have different needs than club DJs. Someone who has to tackle -both- disciplines embraces a multi-purpose unit rather than having to buy, prepare and store different ones. Why did CDJs make it that far? Because they work with pretty much anything, in terms of Software (even Traktor HID, which is rare) and music media. This is a good thing!

Now don’t worry, I am not a CDJ fan at all :stuck_out_tongue: I like the SC5000.

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Is it? How do you know if you haven’t got one yet?

Before buying my Prime 4 I did have a concern about how usable it would be because of the screen size.

Since getting one, I can honestly say the onboard screen and OS do not limit use in any way.

I’d be happy to use it without resorting to my laptop, at all. Weddings, parties, whatever. I can’t see it being an issue. I suggest you actually use the hardware before deciding it’s “cumbersome”.

What aeroplane comparison?

Is it? How do you know if you haven’t got one yet?

It is. I can very well compare a 7" touchscreen which can show 5-6 text columns with a fullsize 15" Macbook which can show 20+ together with extended library and performance info. I know what each unit can display and what not. I know from my long experiences how my wedding nights go and what things can’t be fully outsourced from my latop’s GUI and environment to a compact AIO-unit, thus the need to still being able to hook up my laptop on the Prime, if necessary in my cases, okay?

Before buying my Prime 4 I did have a concern about how usable it would be because of the screen size.

The Prime 4 screen is bigger and again I ask you, if you tackle the same Gigs like I do. I guess you don’t. If I had only club gigs with limited genres and requests, I would be also fine, don’t worry.

I’d be happy to use it without resorting to my laptop, at all. Weddings, parties, whatever. I can’t see it being an issue.

“Would”… “can’t see”? Now what, did you 8hrs+ weddings with your unit (or the Prime 2 with the smaller screen) like I plan to do with the Prime and do with my DDJ-SX for 7 years, or not?

I suggest you actually use the hardware before deciding it’s “cumbersome”.

I suggest you to stop invading and trolling threads which are entirely irrelevant for your own scenarios and equipment. Be happy with your Prime 4 and don’t bother others who plan on getting a differnt unit and weight the circumstances in a constructive rather than destructive way. Everything clearly said from my side multiple times, so I will not respond to any of your further posts here. Have a nice day.

What aeroplane comparison?

Another totally irrelevant troll comment which obviously got cowardly deleted in the meantime again.

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Invading and trolling? I’m simply taking part in discussions on a forum. Putting across another point of view perhaps, but certainly not invading or trolling.

So you are aware that the screen on the Prime units is smaller than your laptop - but have you actually used a Prime unit? This is what I’m getting at. Unless you’ve used one, you cannot imagine how easy it is to use, without a laptop. The screen size is not a limitation IMO - based on real life experience.

For your information I have been DJing since the late 70s, on everything from vinyl, CD, computers, controllers to my Prime 4. I have played clubs, weddings, radio, promotional events, exhibitions, barbeques, birthday parties…for much longer than your 7 years.

This year, with the Prime 4? No, for obvious (virus related) reasons.

I’m merely trying to convey that the Prime 4 is not a “monster”, that the small screen is not a limitation, and that Serato is not the only DJ software in the world.

I still have no idea what you mean re the aeroplane comment :man_shrugging:


You’re totally correct.

I regularly (except for covid) have performed fully Live, ad-hoc, request based mixed music, Manually beat matched entertainment at weddings and other multi-age group events, some lasting all day, with screens no bigger than 4 or 5 inches (like the DN-HD2500 screen), the 3900 4 Or 5 line screen And now the prime SC and even the most demanding types of gigs with loads of requests have ever depended on, Or relied upon a BIG screen, or a physical qwertz keyboard, or a direct-feed networked link laptop.

Correct tagging, sensible folders, music knowledge and music collection knowledge, practice, flexibility is what it needed. I guess a computer run setup or massive screens might be a substitute for one, or more, of those attributes.


Just sayin’ My two cents Smiley

Oh and if, I’ve TYPED in CAPITALS it’s not me DOING it. It’s just THAT I’m using a MOBILE phone AND it’s adding ALL the BIG letters FoR mE

Oh no, not the HD2500! That thing was awful (IMO).

Why on earth Denon thought it was a good idea to divide an already small screen in half, is anyone’s guess.

I would’ve got one if it wasn’t for that. I loved the idea of an internal drive.

Instead I went for the Numark D2 Director, which had a more sensible screen.

After that it was a pair of Denon HS5500, but I tended to take my laptop with me when I used those, just so I could see the full track titles. Trying to figure out which remix was which, when you couldn’t see the whole track name was not fun :flushed:

What’s up @SORAR, I’m going to comment straight to you and will ignore anyone else who decides to sarcastically respond to this.

Just like you, I was a long time SX owner (FYI: got the S1 when it was firs released, then the SX, then the SZ), and been a faithful Serato DJ user for nearly 15 years.

I recently bought a Prime 4. With the recent refinements Denon DJ made to Engine OS, I haven’t had the need to use Serato DJ at all. I still maintain my library in both the Serato & Prime eco systems because (pre-pandemic) I played some video gigs and play some clubs where their setup is Serato-friendly.

Other than that, the Prime 2 or Prime 4 will cover you for 110% for any non video gigs.

  • No laptop
  • Full access to your entire library
  • Querty search through your library
  • Wifi connectivity to TIDAL, Beatport, Beatsource, Soundcloud, & Dropbox (coming soon).