Serato Dj vs Full prime setup

Hello Denon Dj’s,

I recently was testing some stuff with Serato (for testing and research purpose), and run out of the trial time. I use 4x SC5000 decks and X1800 mixer. Only thing so far I find very strange/irritating is that Dj console for 1700EUR can unlock fully Serato Dj, but a the full 5500EUR setup can’t… Why? Why twice more expensive dj gear does not unlock the program? It would have more sense… (register 4 decks and mixer and get a Serato code/unlock) This could benefit not only Serato, but also for future beta testing. I don’t want to drop 200EUR extra for software that I will not use on the stage (using primes in stand alone), but I would like to use it for testing at home.

The 5000/6000/1850/1800 are not carrying Serato badges that’s why.

The Prime4 does

The Prime2 doesn’t so they will have to pay as well.

Pro tip

Email serato for a standalone license discount code, they usually give 30 to 50% discounts.

They may sell you one for less than 100, no DVS (Timecode) with it. You don’t need DVS to use the X1800 and 5000 with serato. Just the standalone serato license.

There’s no “Serato badge” on the Prime 4, and you do need the DVS Serato addon to “unlock” the X1800.

I see. I thought it had the “badge” on the box.

No you don’t need DVS license if you are not planning on using Timecode with the x1800

  • Serato DJ $129
  • Serato DVS $99
  • Serato Club Kit bundle (DJ + DVS) $169

I know about the license unlock. The question is: Why spending 1700€ gives license but 5500€ not? This should be an option.

Strictly business Sir

From the Serato web site: “The X1800 Prime is a four channel club mixer from Denon DJ that is unlocked with the Serato DJ Club Kit license bundle (Serato DJ Pro + DVS).”

Correct, that bundle with the discount voucher is 170EUR

Yes its a bit misleading or they trying to sell the more expensive product (The Club Kit) when the $99 product will work.

For HID (Controller Mode) only - Serato DJ standard license

For DVS (Timecode Mode) - Serato DJ standard + DVS expansion licence

To save money = Buy Clubkit which is the DJ and DVS bundled

It seems off balance that serato should want such fees when the serato implantation of using primes like midi controllers is so poorly executed when compared to the virtual DJ way of using primes as midi controllers

I think also that pricing is here ridicules, as I stated previously, if You pay less, You get serato for free, if You pay more, You get a 20% voucher…?

Not only them running their business this way. With the DDJ400 you get everything whereas the 6000€ nexus set up doesn’t get you rkbx dj and DVS.

Also as Denon is leaning more towards standalone they are not inclined to cover the cost of serato HID and DVS support.

I went the cheap route. Bought an akai amx to test out serato and hid with my 5km. Paid $90cad

Sounds like a better solution, as this is at least a physical product that You can still use later.

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Same route i took with Rekordbox. Bought the DDJ400, used the licence, sold the controller during the height of the lock down for the same price i paid for it new, without the licence.

But be wary Serato’s licence is baked into the hardware, they don’t actually give you licence code unlike rekordbox.

If the AMX is not connected, Serato DJ wont give you the performance function, thus you wont be able to use the X1800 but you can use the 5000 with the AMX.

The 5000, CDJs, XP2, SP1 are supported accessories vs mixers, controllers and soundcards which unlock Serato.

It’s the same with Pioneer’s premium line-up (Nexus). You’ll need to buy a Serato DJ license in order to unlock it.

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There are some Pioneer and Reloop mixers that unlock Serato dj.

If you’re rich enough to purchase a full pioneer nexus setup then buying serato should be peanuts

I sold my Nexus setup and went to Denon 3 years ago. Anyway, the point is, that we don’t have much mixers in Denon Dj range, and non of them unlock Serato or any other dj software, like it is in Rane, Reloop, Numark, Pioneer… So maybe it is something that we could think about?

Serato is showing a clear pattern to cut off the free use of their software at the ‘Club Installation’ level. Rane’s high-end MP 2015 requires a license to unlock Serato DJ.

It’s also clear that Serato’s focus is on profession-level (not entry level) controllers and mixers designed specifically with their software in mind.

Your question is valid but I think it should be posed to Serato for answers as I think this is more of a decision from Serato than Denon.