Serato dj pro cues seen but Engine Prime

Serato dj pro cues seen but Engine prime Some tracks do not show cues. So when using the mxc 8000 standalone mode, the cues do not appear.

Hey Bayozi, Are you importing tracks through the Serato column within Engine Prime? If so, can you go to the Serato column, select all tracks and then right click and then select “Reimport track information.”

Let me know if this works. If tracks were imported directly from the file system and then later added from Serato, the cues won’t come in. I think this is what is happening.

I’ve also moved this to the Engine Prime section of the forum, as this is valid for other Prime users as well.

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Hi, @AIRVince I am testing, I will report the result. I’m using it as a crate, not as a playlist. the problem still continues.