Serato DJ license with 6000Mk2

When i called first thing i did is give them was try to give my support ticket as it should have all the details. I was told he did not have access to the ticket as it was in another persons email.

Seriously sound like they dont have a good way of tracking and supporting an open ticket. My guess is my ticket was closed. I got no apology and a ton of excuses. I also asked that i get a follow up email from the person i spoke with so that i could document what was said during the call. I also asked for the persons supervisors email so i could escalate the complaint.

Several hours have passed and i got no email from support. Denon clearly has several issues here with the 6000 License processing and with how they handle support tickets.

I been a huge denon fan in the past and hate to bash them but this is clearly crap customer service on a very simple straight forward issue. Its not like they have to mail me a product.

I wonder why they did not just include the voucher in the package.

Can any of the InMusic/denon support guys chime in?

@DenonDJ-Australia @DenonDJCorey @sbangs

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the trouble with this. Allow me to clarify.

Serato is provided as a rebate with a valid purchase of an MC6000MKII. It is not Serato enabled, so the rebate provides you with a license to unlock Serato. You can apply for the rebate here. Note, this is not the product registration.

In almost every case the process will take 3 business days, usually less. But it sounds like something may have gone wrong with the submission. If we didn’t send you a voucher (check your spam, just in case), then we didn’t receive the submission for whatever reason.

PM me with the details of the form and I can take a look at this for anyone having trouble:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Serial Number
  • Purchase Date
  • Attach a picture of the receipt

@DJTMT I was able to find your info from your support inquiries, except for the picture of the receipt. If you can PM me with that I can pass this along for you.

Thanks for your patience!

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Thanks for following up. I can assure you that i did submit all the proper info including the attachment of the receipt. multiple times.

Twice via the denon site at the rebate link. Once via the Denon Trouble Ticket Submission form. Once via email to the support tech that got my ticket.

I also called support after your initial support tech did not reply to the my ticket up date request via email.

Not once did either support tech say the receipt was missing and if they did i would have told them exactly what i have said here.

Its now been over 2 weeks and No Serato DJ voucher. Somethings did go wrong multiple times on Denon ends that needs to be corrected.

I am giving this another week and if not resolved i am likely returning this 6000 and go back to a Pioneer controller. I bought this clearly because i wanted to use the with Serato DJ NOT …Serato Intro.

Your support tech Teri tried to tell me it did not include Serato DJ and that i should use Serato intro.

Per Amazon site:

“Includes full-version of Serato DJ (user download) This Mark 2 incarnation operates out of the box with full-version Serato DJ (user download - voucher included with purchase).”

Not sure how to PM you directly with my info. Looks like i am not able to PM on this forum.

If you have my info you should have my email address. Please send me your email info and I will foward you the same info provided to your tech support to include the receipt.


You should have just received your Serato license. Let me know that you received it and if you have any questions!

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Thanks Corey for taking the lead and getting this resolved.

I got the voucher and have activated it with Serato.


Even I am happy and I don’t have a horse in this race :smiley:

@DenonDJCorey I haven’t received mine. Registered via your website and uploaded the receipt. Did this weeks ago.

As I mentioned before, I understand you submitted the information but for whatever reason, we did not receive it.

I’m sending you an email now. Please respond to that with the requested information.

Responded via email. :sunglasses:

Thanks, adding this bit to fill up the characters

Hi. I actually just acquired (more like rescued cause they were just going to throw it out) this DJ controller. Am I able to apply a voucher for this or not?

Pretty excited to get my voucher as well, although I just submitted it on Wednesday so technically the 3 days isn’t up yet :). If nothing happens by Monday EOB I’ll PM Corey, who seems pretty awesome.

If you’re still waiting for the full SDJ licence, how did you test your MC6000mk2 with it and posted topic about the problem here on the forum? You do know that some SDJ licences are tied to the hardware that came with it? So if you’re trying to use other SDJ hardware you may experience problems you mentioned in your other post… :wink:

PS Mods: why all of a sudden my posts need to be moderated before showing? Am I on the “watch list”?

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If you’re referring to me, SDJ has a 14-day trial. The software installs all supported modules for the attached HW, and DVS was installed which led to the issue I had (mostly me just being unfamiliar with Serato). I’m an ex vinyl guy, getting into SDJ for the first time.

My trial ends in two days, so hoping my voucher arrives by then.

Yeah, I totally forgot about the trial option. Glad to see you have everything sorted out in the end (hardware wise).

Unfortunately, my trial ended and I don’t yet have the code 11 days out :(. @DenonDJCorey , I submitted it through the website, and then I also connected directly with support that also submitted it on my behalf a few days back. Unfortunately I haven’t heard back yet from Ros & Dara. Luckily I don’t have to play out but I do hate missing days on the decks for practice…

All told this process seems pretty fraught with errors. Is it a Serato issue or a Denon issue? Is the block at Serato?


Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with that. It’s just a rebate web form and every now and then something will cause the application to not submit correctly. Contacting our support team is the right thing to do if you don’t get a response within 3 business days.

I’ll shoot you a message now so we can take a closer look at what might have gone wrong here. Thanks for your patience!

No biggie! Things happen; Support actually wrote me this morning; they’ve been great.

Awesome! We’re happy to help!