Serato DJ 1.9.10 brings support for the Prime Series

The release of Serato DJ 1.9.10 brings eagerly awaited support for the Denon DJ Prime Series.

The new Serato Controller Mode delivers numerous powerful and seamless interaction features:

  • Controls primary navigation, track-load and playback workflow from a single SC5000 Prime unit
  • SC5000 on-board HD touchscreen shows Serato track collection, waveform overview and vital DJ performance data
  • Addresses and controls up to 4 Serato DJ ‘decks’ using just one SC5000
  • SC5000 performance trigger pads enable expressive manipulation of standard Serato DJ pad modes.
  • X1800 Prime mixer acts as Serato DJ audio interface, introduces DVS to DJs with the Serato DJ and DVS Licenses (sold separately) offering a full hardware DJ mixing experience


Gonna need some help on this, how the hell do I get it into HID mode?

Your SC5000 needs to be on at least version 1.0.2 Then press the source button and press the Computer icon in the top right corner

Talk about perfect timing. I ordered a pair of the SC5000 on Friday. Got a sweet deal from

I bet Denon will see more units flying off the shelves.

It doesn’t connect - I think I need to buy club kit as my Licence is for a DDJ-SX. Will see how that goes.

Great to see Serato support finally happen. I wonder why they did not implement the moving waveform. Is it impossible to do so?

Can someone please explain how all this gets hooked up to the laptop?


The Pioneer DDJ SX doesn’t require a license to use Serato DJ. The Licence is the hardware i.e You can plug your SX into any computer in the world and it will activate Serato DJ. Its the same as having the Denon MCX8000/7000. They are “Serato DJ ready” out of the box.

The Denon X1800 on the other hand requires that you purchase a the Serato DJ licence bundle known as the Serato Club Kit (i think its a combination of Serato DJ licence and the DVS plug in).

I’m not sure if one needs both licenses (SDJ and DVS kit) if you have no intention of plugging in turntables to your mixer

For those who missed the link in the first post:

Most noteworthy, if your computer doesn’t have enough free USB inputs for your SC5000s, you’ll need to invest in a USB hub, they’re relatively inexpensive. Just make sure you purchase an external (AC) powered hub, not bus-powered.


dose Serato DJ need to be activated to use with SC 5000 ? i’m currentlt using the free version 1.9.10

Correct, seems it’s not possible on this level of integration (both SDJ and Traktor don’t have it when used with third party hardware). Denon will probably want to “reserve” that feature for the eventual Engine Prime linking.

No, if you want to use just the SC5000+X1800 with SDJ you can purchase just the standalone SDJ licence, not the whole Club Kit (standalone+DVS)

That’s what I thought too, but you never know with Serato these days.

The standalone license is what I have for DJM and CDJ in HID combo.

Yeah its doesn’t display scrolling waveforms on any CDJs I’ve used… I guess it’s the HID implementation.

The MCX8000 screens are seen as midi in Serato so perhaps it’s a different protocol for those devices (Midi) as they show scrolling waveforms

Here is a video of on how Denon Primes work with Serato DJ

I do not see the ability to search from the SC500 deck, unless I missed it, this is a huge disappointment.

Its works on on mac or windows also ?

field report. decks got delivered this a.m.

Serato works as described. You loose some functionality vs standalone, this is to be expected.

Only other thing I noticed is that the unit power cycles switching between standalone mode to controller mode.

So I suppose that’s why two decks is essential. Switch one before the other if one needs to toggle between Serato and USB/SD

Otherwise I’m pretty chuffed with this my luxury purchase.

I spent more time using it in standalone though using an old 500gb USB 2.0 hard drive I formatted in exfat. it’s giving me butterflies. I’ve got one or two questions regarding prime and beat gridding. I will ask them in the relevant threads.

Great job Denon.

Just curious as to why SC5000 doesn’t show scrolling waveform with Serato

Is there a technical limitation to this on A. Hardware B. Serato

How come the forthcoming Rane 72 will be able to do it?

Denon MCX8000, Numark NV, NS7 3 and Dashboard were able to.

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Because all of the hardware you mentioned was developed in colaboration with Serato for SeratoDJ.

Using the sc5000 as a controller is the audio passed through the player as or would you need a serato ready or upgrade ready mixer for audio? I have the Rane serato soundcard so would I need to have that connected to the mixer for audio?

Audio isn’t passed through the player. It’s generated within a suitable Serato supported mixer/audio interface (the X1800 in our ‘Prime’ instance). Your Rane soundcard should be fine