Serato date importer

while adding engine os/prime to my arsenal i came across one particular issue which almost turned into a showstopper for me: date added. my library goes back years and replicating the order in some other way would be a hopeless undertaking. for some reason denon don’t seem to like “date added” very much. first it took more than a year to have that for sorting and so far the serato import still ignores it. unless i missed it. i found a forum post which suggested adding it but that was more than a year ago and it’s still not available so i figured i’d have to get that sorted on my own - which i did.

i wrote a little script which does exactly that. it reads the filenames from the denon database, checks the serato database for that track, grabs the related date, converts it to the denon format and updates the denon database. hence you have the original “date added” from serato available on your prime devices. now maybe somebody else has the same problem so i figured i could share it.

using it is quite simple. it’s in php and should run on any osx version from the last 10 years by default. it goes like this:

! make sure serato and engine prime are not running !

open it and in the first lines replace “musicdrive” with the name of your usb stick, sd card or whatever drive your stuff is on. then take it for a ride like this:

php ./serato_denon_date.php

make sure that the output has the date after all track names as well as a number. if both is there you’re good to go. open it again and change $testrun from true to false. run it again and you’re done.

it should also run on windows. you need a php with sqlite support and you have to replace the full path to both databases at the top of the script.

serato_denon_date.php (1.2 KB)

The date format is the same in both programs is it?

Same number of characters, not going to cause data issues ?

it’s not, that’s why the script converts it as mentioned.

serato uses day/month/year and the denon db wants a unix timestamp.

Needs a windows version for mass appeal

it’s php. there is no os specific version just as with any other scripting language. as mentioned, all you need is a php with sqlite support.