Serato compatibility with SC6000?

Hi, I’ve searched the forums & cannot any up to date info on this, all i can find is this statement at the bottom of this introduction statement

“Serato compatibility available in a future free software update”

Any update when this might be implemented?


You need to be asking Serato. It’s their software that needs to add support.

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Give Serato several months to implement and don’t expect any estimates as to when it will happen, but it will…eventually.

In the mean time, have fun :slight_smile:

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After DJing without serato for a few months , you may find more exhilarating to perform directly

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That’s a really fair comment & will be going down this road, no issue with this just need to get a decent engine workflow! Just assumed that Serato would be native given the success of the 5000’s

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Depends on the gig for me.

Some are just laptop, controller palatable (i suppose I could use a Prime Go or 2 for some of these) and for other kind of gigs, I want to be there in full Prime glory.

@philgal1 there is a feature request thread and use the recommended posting format, so i can vote

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This was exactly how I ended up binning it when the 5000s came out; was gutted there was no Serato and now I never use it unless I’m spinning a vinyl set (and can’t be bothered to dig the tracks out the loft!), the Primes are so much more fun than Serato.


For me it was similar to thinking that starting and stopping a model railway train was fun, until I started sending a radio controlled drone across the skies.


I agree coming from the MCX to the 6000’s the feeling in incomparable. I don’t knock people for loving their laptop and Serato. I thought I would feel uncomfortable. But I transitioned pretty well.


I’ve been waiting for six months to be able to use my sc6000 with serato dj; in a while step to pioneer !!! :angry:

I embraced the future and found myself in the past: after six months that I purchased the denon sc6000 still do not support serato dj nor apple big sure. I had high expectations from Denon, but I had to change my mind: you shouldn’t market a product that isn’t supported by software partners. I am very disappointed with this brand and am seriously considering switching to the competition

Really?!?!? Not a single mention of Serato compatibility on the Denon website, you really don’t need to use Serato anyway (that’s the point of the Denons anyway), and if you really must use it, download the time code file and use them as the audio, like vinyl coding.

Methinks you are attempting to make an issue that isn’t actually a real one.

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Why? Controller support is baked into Engine OS. If you didn’t know, Engine OS is a common codebase for all of the Prime devices.

The actual DJ Software integration needs to be done by the software makers, in the SC5000/SC6000 series it’s a little different because the software makers need to use the SDK provided by Denon, however, because the SC5000 shares the same codebase and is Serato compatible, we can extrapolate that this is not on Denon.

Your annoyance is placed on the wrong company here, I would suggest making your voice heard in the Serato forums, my understanding of this is that Denon has done what they needed to do to enable support for the DJ softwares, the rest is on the developers of said DJ software.

Yeah that’s not how this works… Denon, and Pioneer in this case release the products and provide the SDK/mapping materials to other vendors for them to add support.

It’s different for controllers that are built around Serato as the hardware is built in parallel with software support, otherwise there would be no point in releasing it. However, the prime series, as well as Rekordbox controllers & Pioneer standalone devices, are not dependent on Serato so don’t develop the hardware in parallel with software support.

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It previously stated Serato compatibility as “coming soon”

They may

have removed this now

Its ok if you don’t.

i agree that in standalone the primes are very capable but folks have other needs as well and transitioning to a pure standalone way of working may be challenging.

sure but why limit to that

Not serato, they want a seat at the table and some coins their way either from the hardware manufacter or from customers (if the unit was shipped with Lite)

@CiocioDJ vote here

Interestingly, the SC5000 isn’t even listed on Serato’s website as compatible.

Perhaps there’s been some fall out with Denon/Serato? It is definitely on Serato to make it compatible though, they make their money for selling the pro licence, for Denon they get nothing out of it (or perhaps that is the issue, they’re asking Serato for too much of a kick back).

When I got my Denon’s I thought it was the end of the World not having Serato compatibility, now we have it on the 5s, I have literally never used it (I do use it on my 1210s from time to time, but only because it is easier than digging out all of the real vinyl).

It’s there:

Not in this page, which is weird:-

If You deselect the filter for DJ PRO only on the top, all 5K primes are visible. I think it’s a bug on the serato web site.

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That doesn’t negate my point, that is simply a reason why they might be dragging their heels.

I remember a super long request thread for support for the XDJ1000MK2 in the Serato forums.

There is another one running currently for the XONE96 as well

People asking , begging, threatening to move to Traktor, offering to pay for the implementation etc serato isn’t moving.

No support for either.

It’s the Serato way, it will not happen except Denon asks them.

I don’t think I know of any single device that is Serato compatible without the manufacturers blessings and coins.

Take for example a simple accessory like the XP1, it will probably take them 5 mins of coding to add support, no they held off until Pioneer invited them to the table for the XP2. The same controller.

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There, fixed that for you.

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