Sending sound to to Mac for streaming only works on 1 channel

I have my X1800 setup with 2 x DC5000. There are linked and line cables are connected as it should

When I send sound trues USB to my computer to a streaming software, I only get signal from Deck 1

I use Ableton live to get it to the streaming software, here I am getting a signal from the other decks, but even I set to back deck to channel 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. and the have the same setting for the external output, sound only gets send to the software on channel 1-2

any ideas ?

You need to use inputs 9+10 in Ableton. That’s the stereo master channel of the mixer.

I have tried everything as output

Any idea what I should set my Mac soundcard to, but is down make any difference - only sound into the software when I play on deck 1

Do you see 9+10 or??

The soundcard input selection within the Ableton or MacOSX prefs should be on “DenonDJ X1800 mixer”.

Yes I do that, and it works on channel one - but as soon I switch to deck to. I see audio is coming into Ableton, but bo longer any signal on my streaming software

Ableton is multi-channel capable. Your streaming software probably is not.

If you want the master output from the mixer, then the software needs to be able to record 9+10.

Yes I set it like that…??

Sorry edited my previous post.

So your saying that your streaming software (don’t know what you use) is able to record 9+10 (MASTER)? I sounds to me it’s simply recording 1+2 (CH1 on the mixer). Why did you put Ableton between this?

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I finaly found a way :blush::+1:

Could you share what you found then? :sunglasses:

Curiously I’m having issues getting 9/10 to show up in Wirecast under ASIO with the new drivers. It’s fine in Sound Forge. I’ll just use WASAPI or the DirectSound thing.