Send & Return with BOSS Reverb RV5

Hello mates,

before i switched to the X1800 i used a Xone92 where it was easy to us an External Effect (in my case a BOSS Reverb RV-5). I also want to use it with the X1800, cause the internal reverb is awful.

My problem: If u give a signal to the S/R-function of the effect section, the sound is going through all and it sounds quite nice. But if u press the effects On/Off button the signal is gone. No Reverb, no hall. Why? Is there a way to keep the return channel open?

Some solutions out there or some ideas?

Greetz from Cologne Lutz

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I guess I’m not the only one to say the reverb is awful on the X1800 and a couple other effects, like the ping pong delay is very bad.

Not specifically a response to your question, however have you tried / experiemented with the “NEW” reverb algorithm that was updated with the latest X1800 firmware?

Changing the Effect on/off button to off, switches the effect off.

From the way I’m reading your post above, you’re looking for a way of letting the existing reverb effect “fade away” rather than abruptly or cleanly end. If thats the case then changing the FX send source to an unusual channel would accomplish that, or reducing the input level on the FX box to zero should also achieve the same goal.

Agreed - the new reverb, since the firmware update is better than the original reverb algorithm.

Reverb is one of those effects that can be highly emotive. The fact that some standalone reverb units sell, on their own, for around half the price of the entire X1800 mixer, shows that there are some with needs for far higher reverb solutions than that offered in a multi-effects, over-the-top-of-music level.

Thx for your answer. Yes u are rigth. I mean normally u have a nice out-fadding sound when u use a reverb.

I don’t really get your solution. In case u mean to route the returning signal to an unused channel, sry that’s not possible cause i use all 4 channels.

I don’t know what u mean with the second suggestion. How can i reduce the input level?

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than a genuine plate reverb.

It won’t fit in any car, but if you can get it to the venue somehow, you’ll get lush reverb for days.

Ah no, don’t worry, I dont mean for you to route the external FX unit through a spare music channel.

With an external FX unit, it works (of course) by listening to a selected channel for it to get its source sound from… on the X1800, that would be selected by the rotary called “FX Channel Assign”. The FX unit then applies the echo to what it’s listening to. If you give the external FX unit nothing to listen to, by turning the FX channel assign to say… Mic…while the mic channel is off, then the FX unit has nothing to listen to so the FX will slowly fade out/reduce etc.

Another way of doing that, in case you’ve got all four music channels and the mic channels running, would be to turn the input control down/off on the external effects box itself… turn the input to zero, again the fx box has nothing to listen to, so the output effects would slowly fade away.

Most external FX boxes have an input level control, or an input switch to get the unit to look at Input A or Input B, or to look at the LINE IN or the XLR in etc etc - which is a great way of switching the input to silence. However, I’ve had a look at the RV5, and as that’s a guitar foot pedal, its not as full featured as a desktop/rack unit could be - so…switching the mixers effect selection to MIC (or any other unused /silent channel).

Lotzo, can you please confirm this: eg you did update the firmware of the mixer? @Gee_DenonDJ Did he had to do a reset after the firmware update for the new reverb to be active?

Firmware is up to date and I did a factory reset!!!