Send/Return connections

Are the Send and return connections at the back assignable to the main output path? I would like to connect an equalizer for room corrections.

Bit of an a-typical use of send/returns. Why not just have the EQ in the signal path between mixer and PA?

Having looked closely at the unit, there seems to be no send control, nor return assignment for that matter, making it most likely that it’s the pre-master fader signal that is sent to the SEND output and that the RETURN signal is also injected back pre-master fader. That is what would make sense. Clearly that means you could use the SEND/RETURN for room EQ.

It am curious to see if anything related to Send/Return can be set through the mixer utilities menu.

Actually my opinion is, that if you put that EQ before the master output fader of the x1800, the noise caused by that eq-unit will be less noticeable…

Unlike the old “Inserts” which used to be used on analogue mixers to prevent gain structure noise by having an equaliser “in” the mixer, the Send/Return connections are purely for the use of an external effects unit.

The send/return connectors only become “live” when the mixers effects selector is set to “SND/RTN” rather than Flanger, Roll, beatbreaker etc

That makes sense DJ_Boothe. Old inserts where generally just used for outboard FX too.

@Ab2you: I am thinking that I’d probably would want the EQ as close to the PA as I can so I can also use it to get rid of any noise incurred up to and including master fader. At the end of the day I doubt either method would make much audible difference. But it’s an interesting option.